About ginstr

14 years

business consulting*

14 years

software development*

7 years

mobile app development*

About ginstr

ginstr is a business solutions provider based in Berlin, Germany. Our mission is to help organisations integrate mobile applications and web applications into their operation for decreasing error, time, and labour involved in filling out paper forms and entering them into a computer system.

We strongly believe in delivering quality service that is both quick and affordable – helping our customers grow their bottom line through increased efficiency.

The ginstr team has an extensive experience of over seven years in mobile app development and fourteen plus years in business consulting and software development. We are a B2B SERVICE provider committed to creating and delivering tailor-made solutions for our cherished customers. Our experience spans across several sectors, including but not limited to transport, logistics, construction, security and health care.

Aside from the wide selection of ready-to-go apps, online data management software, and cloud storage, our services include consultation and custom app development. Need a custom ginstr solution for your business? Don’t hesitate to contact us for our consultation.

* Markus Semm, the founder and CEO of ginstr, has been actively advising businesses in the use of IT applications with over 14 years of experience in the consultation and software development fields. With his team, he has been developing mobile apps for over five years. Several other ginstr employees have many years of experience in these fields.


About ginstr

At ginstr, we are experts in digitising paper forms, streamlining work processes, and creating customised business solutions for organisations across all sectors.

Browse through the ginstr app store full of ready-to-go apps or talk to us about quickly creating an affordable custom app with your company's preferences.

Go paperless. Go ginstr.

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