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Facility Management Business Apps – a Move Towards Digitisation for Better Process Adherence

This facility management software is dedicatedly designed to solve your problems in facility maintenance, periodic inspection and property management. Using paper forms to document your important reports and check-ups is inefficient and the act contains the risk in itself. Loss of data, unreadability, inaccuracy, external factors occurring during the processes, etc. Collecting data possesses its own problems; however, migrating and managing the collected records, are, in most cases, even more costly and troublesome.

Your digital facility management solution

Our solution is eliminating the paper forms used for flat handover, power meter reading, guard tour management and most other forms for property management as well as the hassles coming along with them once and for all. Smartphone apps like Fire Extinguisher Checker, Electric Meter Reading, Air Conditioner Maintenance etc. will replace your never-ending paper forms with the fool proof digital checklists for most of the facility management processes and the mountain of paper files and folders with the specialized cloud server. In other words, your customer’s confidential information or your business-related data will be securely stored in a private cloud and can be easily accessed from a powerful backend*. The full control over the process, from tracking the property, recording employee performance to retrieving real time data will be placed in your hand.

* an online data management software that obtains user input to provide responsive output.

We provide the all-in-one package including the solution-oriented property inspection apps, the cloud storage service and the powerful online data management software.

How ginstr simplifies your management routine

Without ginstr


BB* assigns MW** a set of paper forms to fill in the pest inspection.


MW only inspects the areas MW knows or remembers and forgets to fill in the important fields of the paper forms.


MW physically brings the paper report back to the BB. Some of the papers get lost or damaged.


The remained papers are hard to read due to bad weather condition or handwriting.


BB only informs pest controller about the notified areas which are visible in the report.

With ginstr


BB assigns MW an NFC tag with a worldwide unique number for identification purposes.


With Pest Control Inspection app, MW completes all the tasks using the digital instruction and records the inspection by entering the complete details in each and every field by way of electronic forms.


MW‘s report is automatically saved in the ginstr cloud which is synchronised to the ginstr web almost in real time.


BB detects and prevents escalation of potential problems while examining MW’s report on ginstr web.


BB informs pest controller of all notified area and has the pest situation under control.

BB*- Big Boss
MW**- Mobile Worker

The ginstr facility management system is

Real-time based

  • Real time updates and reports to detect potential issues (broken parts, leakage, incorrect meter reading, etc.)
  • Instant live access to Property Management Data from any web browser using any Android mobile phone, tablet or office PC
  • Speedy administration work for optimal bookkeeping (immediate invoicing for workers, inspectors, customers, retailers etc.)


    • Ready-made preventative maintenance essentials: task lists, employee checklists, indexes, work orders, equipment scheduling, rentals, tool tracking, vendor tracking etc.
    • Effortless facility’s data management. Diverse options for searching, sorting and filtering data entries
    • Stress-free asset tracking with GPS coordinates, time stamps and user logging
    • Seamless integration between the recording devices and the backend system.

      yet Secured

      • Double security system: automatically scheduled backups and data storage in two separate locations
      • Authentication brought to the next level of confidence and efficiency
      • Safely save all the data (eg. meter numbers, heating consumption, broken facilities, customers’ feedbacks, order processing of facilities) collected using ginstr apps onto the secure servers based throughout Germany

        Exclusively solution-oriented

        • All-included services from collecting, transferring and safeguarding data to providing analysis tools (e.g. digitally record, send and examine electric meter numbers)
        • Dedicated back end, customisable data display for easy management and monitoring
        • Centralised data geared up for in-depth planning and informative decision making
        • Solution-articulated functionalities adapting to your business

          Digital Facility Management solutions, if done right, will result in a significant amount of cost reduction and much better quality of work at the same time. Technology is omnipresent yet some facility managers are unable to harness its potential. Therefore ginstr recognizes that managing a facility constitutes of a broader line of activities and not merely the business services and offers a unique solution by way of CMMS- Computerized Maintenance Management Systems - to the facility managers.

          The very benefits that should interest you:

          Increase workflow efficiency

          • Quick and straight-forward documentation for maintenance and inspection tasks
          • Seamless data exchange among customers, workers, inspectors, repairers and managers

          Minimize risk

          • Electronic forms ensuring complete and error-free data entry (electric meter numbers, facility numbers, date and time, names, etc.)
          • Importing/exporting computer-automated reports to/from main database
          • Continuous updates allowing immediate responses in case of special incidents
          • Hard proofs that the services have been rendered as agreed

          Reduce operational expense

          • Needless of data entry clerks
          • Reducing entering and reading mistakes means reducing cost of fixing and replacing

          Highly secure data

          • Exclusive data protection & privacy management mechanism
          • German privacy and data protection laws

          Sustainable controlling system

          • Reduce excessive energy consumption and resource spending (natural resources, electricity, labour & time)
          • Wireless control of facilities resulting in reducing error and time wastage

          Convenience in data control

          • Gather information on the go via ginstr backend
          • Integrate data into multiple devices in no time

          Ensure process adherence

          • Comprehensive guideline for the employees for the upcoming tasks to be rendered
          • Easily keep track of the process with the virtual Facility Management Consultant system
          • Completion and confirmation is made certain

          Improve employee performance

          • Easily and professionally exchange feedbacks
          • Effective cross-hierarchical
          • Erase scepticism among personnel - thanks to inimitable digital records

          Increase customer satisfaction

          • Assure the safety of your customers.
          • Improve the relationship and coordination with the customers
          • Availability of transparent records (confirmation of task completion, time records, digital signatures)
          • Reduce customer churn rate for lowering the sales costs

          Our integrated solution for facility management

          As the electricity consumption of buildings accounts for a significant part of the monthly energy cost, they deserve an optimum approach when it comes to energy controlling. Mobile apps like the Building Maintenance Management app is built to act as a management system offering a Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) to owners or real estate companies. Detail information concerning outdoor and indoor facilities in parking areas, public areas, green areas etc., are digitally documented for the purpose of property management.
          Regarding indoor equipment inspecting, Electric Meter Cabinet Reading and Air Conditioner Maintenance could be the best alternatives.
          Electric Meter Cabinet Reading app specializes in power meter reading by enabling accurate recording and reading. Whereas Air Conditioner Maintenance app makes possible for technicians to easily create documentation based on the Air Conditioner inspection tasks completed. Solution delivery is quickened and tasks can be managed with ease from a single interface which helps workers get the job done faster and with better convenience.
          Safety compliance management is an indispensable element of facility management. For this reason, ginstr has developed an effective and systematic approach to fire safety inspection - the combination of Fire Extinguisher Checker and Smoke Detector Inspection.
          These apps will allow fire protection and facility management companies to accurately examine the checks of their fire extinguishers or smoke detectors using the tamper-proof NFC technology. A complete overview of all inspection details, including the time, inspector’s name, and condition of the smoke detector or fire extinguisher can be easily viewed in real time in ginstr web using any web browser. Barcode reading is also possible for Smoke Detector app.

          We understand each business is unique and exceptional. Therefore, we are more than happy to customise any of our ginstr apps to adopt to your specific business puzzle all in the name of your forceful stewardship.

          We are here to solve your problems. What we give is the guarantee for “Made in Germany” solutions and security.

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