Providing quality services in the hotel industry is the result of synchronized planning and implementation of multiple processes and activities required for the daily operation in hotels. A lack of optimal coordination in carrying out these processes could lead to shortcomings not only in defined service quality standards, but also in reaction time for problem solving. The result: unsatisfied guests and a negative impact on hotel reputation. ginstr offers technological solutions to optimize Strategic-tactical and operational processes and provides real-time solutions for potential issues and setbacks.

Our ginstr apps facilitate an ideal solution for hotel industry members seeking an efficient management of their facilities, equipment and resources. The apps are also useful for mobile workers management thanks to a complete and detailed tasks documentation as well as a continuous and up-to-date communication with the administration. Registered data can be processed immediately for control and detection of irregularities in a timely matter.

Smartphones have quickly taken over the world and with the help of our exclusive tool, the Hotel Managers would be able to easily streamline work order processes and implement the same that further lower the costs and increases productivity.

We provide solution based customized apps facilitating digital documentation of official reports required for different areas of hotel management as follows:

Apart from the above stated apps we also offer customised solution based apps and act as virtual Hotel Management Consultants for our client companies.

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