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Stop Losing Business to Your Competition: Gain a Competitive Edge

Today, leading companies in the fields of transport and logistics have an ever more pressing need to focus on core competencies and differentiate themselves from similar offerings to gain a competitive advantage. According to Haley Garner, Head of Research and Content at eft Supply Chain & Logistics Intelligence,logistics providers are each other’s' biggest source of new business and as a consequence each other’s biggest threats.

In fact, Forbes states successful companies in this sector benefit from 10% net profit margins, making the transportation industry one of the most profitable sectors worldwide in 2015 and 2016. There is no comparable industry where the statement of “time is money” is truer.

The secret to the success of major transport and logistics companies is highly dependent on their focus on four crucial aspects: sourcing, shipping, warehousing and routing.

The main challenge in this context is a continuous supply of materials along the industry’s six “R’s” (6R’s): delivering the right product at the right place, time, quantity, quality and cost to reach customer satisfaction. Senior-level executives increasingly need skills that were irrelevant even five years ago, from the understanding of robotics in logistics, to inventory management, software and hardware, international customs, security, and border treaties. The right technology can make this a breeze.

According to Dimensional Research, “66% OF B2B & 52% OF B2C customers stopped buying from a company after just one bad experience”. In fact, given increased competition in this sector, customers are accustomed to and expect fast and seamless services. A lack of efficiency in intralogistics activities leads to slower processing of the value-adding chain and a loss of the competitive edge. An unsatisfied customer will effortlessly switch providers or suppliers and never look back.

Innovation is the key to breaking this vicious cycle and driving new business.

Gain in Efficiency and Increase Your Revenue: Integrate Mobile Solutions to Your Transport Management System

Companies in this sector use the 6R’s as indicators to judge how efficient their operations are. TMS Software solutions support this initiative to provide the right data to the right person at the right time. ginstr further supports companies reach success by integrating with their existing TMS: the reliable identification of mobile assets, people and locations and their associated activities.
Everyday challenges are tackled: from financial concerns of fuel management and efficient dispatching to basic concerns of avoiding legal headaches related to out of date driver licences.

Manage Costs through Documented Process Adherence

According to PLS Logistics Services, “40% can be saved on logistics costs by making quick, informed decisions”. Having access to reliable records supports this decision making process.

Documented Processes…

Businesses operating in the transport of rented goods, such as container hire companies, or the rental of transportation vehicles, like car rental companies, rely on available information to ensure cost efficient operations.
When this information is systematically documented, providing the right customer with the right product is made easy and no time or costs are wasted on conflicts with customers. It is therefore crucial that records exist, and that these are clear and accurate. Process adherence with clear chains of custody is key!
This is primarily achieved with the ginstr platform by the possibility to immediately record and forward data digitally on ginstr’s rental apps while sealing them with an electronic signature from the customer to avoid future conflicts. This information can be related to the state of goods or vehicles on stock, the type of goods or vehicles rented out, the assets still lying idle or the ones that have become obsolete.

… and Reliable Cost Management…

Although fuel costs have seen a tremendous decrease in the last years, they may fluctuate at any given time and are of utmost importance in cost management activities. This is especially true in the transport and logistics sectors. In fact, a major source of conflicts relates to fuel dispensing for company vehicles and employees. Having access to accurate and prompt fuel consumption data helps avoid litigations related to the misuse of company fuel cards or the private usage of company vehicles.

With ginstr solutions, you can now know at any given time refuelling status, levels, mileage, locations, and the associated employees and vehicles. You can also use telematics to manage more aspects, such as fuel consumption levels.

Getting rid of paper forms in this context contributes to minimising human errors, thus reducing risk and costs related to inefficient warehouse management.

…Provide Evidence of Completed Tasks…

Pickup services, such bus transportation or airport shuttle services, are a second area where documented processes are crucial and serve as evidence to reduce customer conflicts. These companies need to be efficient and flexible enough to ensure complete customer satisfaction. With a ginstr solution, companies can effortlessly integrate subcontractors in existing systems without increasing costs or complexity of dispatching procedures.
In fact, through clear documentation of order details and recording of pickups, drop offs and waiting times, airport shuttle companies can increase the efficiency of dispatching procedures and ensure tasks are fulfilled, and this at the right time and place.
This is primarily achieved by the possibility to record customer details and time stamps, take authentication pictures of airport/train station display boards for proof of presence if the passenger does not show up, and more.

Bus Transportation companies, on the other hand, can quickly and efficiently register entries and exits of each passenger. This is especially important in the case of companies providing disability transport services. The latter can ensure proper care for the safety of their passengers by making sure they are all accounted for.
This is primarily achieved through the automated identification, location and counting of passengers with a ginstr solution combining office software and mobile apps integrated with RFID technology hardware.

Transportation companies in these sectors benefit from increased flexibility in delegating driving tasks and assigning routes to drivers on the fly by integrating the ginstr solution with their existing scheduling and dispatch app.

…for Efficient Logistics Processes…

Transportation and logistics companies have mobile assets such as tools, shipping containers, machines or consumable supplies and need to efficiently manage costs related to identifying and retrieving these goods.
Such assets can better be managed when one knows the last responsible person or current holder of a transported material, monitors the chain of custody remotely and in real time, and allows or restricts access to specific people, assets or locations. Such information helps avoid internal thefts or losses.
This is primarily achieved with the ginstr platform through an asset management system with features of recording GPS positions and capturing photos or videos of the actual state of assets.

For everyday inventory tracking, companies have the possibility to integrate bar codes, QR codes or NFC tags to their assets, read them and store them in a given location to quickly and effortlessly identify them no matter the storage size.

Comply with Best Practices and Reach Higher Customer Satisfaction

According to PLS Logistics Services, “67% of companies implement a TMS to improve customer service”. Integrating additional features to an existing TMS supports the initiative to meet and comply with industry standards and customer expectations.

Legal Compliance:

When it comes to mandatory checks in the transportation sector, such as driver licence checks or security checks, manual processes are time consuming and prone to human error. Customers in this field can benefit from automatic reminders to perform driver licence availability and validity checks as well as medical checks, based on predefined timelines and guidelines. This is primarily achieved through the use of tamper-proof technology to identify (driver) licences and ensure timely compliance.

A second compliance factor in the transportation industry is related to truck load management. It is indeed crucial for companies transporting goods to know data related to the weight loaded on each truck (to make sure the weight limit isn’t exceeded or for billing purposes) and the type of material carried (i.e to ensure accurate treatment of potentially hazardous materials at the time of drop off). A ginstr solution is developed to keep track of such values and ensure proper compliance to regulations in place, especially when it comes to logistics related to cleaning up disaster areas.

Customer Satisfaction through Innovation:

Transportation companies looking to modernise their systems aim at replacing manual ticketing with digitised systems for reasons related to cost, fraud, the mishandling of cash or the misuse of government infrastructure.

By implementing cashless systems, companies benefit from a modern digital system with transparent cash(ier) management and documented ticket sales. They can then go the extra step of integrating simple payment options such as mobile-wallets for an even better connected transportation system.

Documented Process Adherence and Customer Satisfaction Ultimately Contribute to Increased Liquidity and Company Growth.

Making sure processes are documented and adhered to not only contributes to reducing costs and increasing efficiency, but is the basis for decision making and invoicing. Stakeholders can accurately be charged based on the data collected by the ginstr platform. In fact, a major blocking point for company growth is low cash flows. ginstr solutions tackle this issue to provide growth opportunities for companies:

Beschleunigung des Cash Flows um liquide Mittel verfügbar zu halten

ginstr is All you Need for Faster Cash Flows, Immediate Availability of Accurate Data and Reduced Human Errors.

“How many of these goods are on stock right now?” “Who is responsible for this damaged vehicle?” “How do I dispatch tasks to my drivers more efficiently?” “How much did this activity cost me?” “How will I prove and invoice this to my customer?”

The ginstr platform sheds light on these questions. You can now avoid stress, work less and achieve more with our platform.

This means any concern related to human error in stocktaking procedures, legal obligations and compliance in transportation or process control in logistics is eliminated.

These gains in efficiency contribute directly to a company’s profit. When processes are streamlined, costs and man hours are reduced and products reach customers faster. This is why we aim at achieving the most efficient routine process and provide added value to your business by reducing operational times and costs.

To increase your company’s profitability and net margin, ginstr provides easy stocktaking with advanced RFID technology, proof of attendance and working hours, process adherence and reliability and prevention of idle times.

Get a 700 % Return on Your Investment within 7 days

Case Study: A mid-sized container hire company with 100 employees rents out different sized containers to its customers.

  • average hourly wage rate per employee of €16,39
  • for each order, employees spend an average of one hour locating the right type of container
  • management sees room for improvement
  • the company purchases a ginstr custom app (€790 flat rate) and a monthly subscription per employee
  • the company cuts time spent on locating containers by 30 minutes per employee
  • This allows the company to save over €170.000 a year with an investment of €23.000.
  • The return on the company's investment is seven times higher than the costs incurred (leading to a positive ROI of 7.62)

ROI bei Benutzung von ginstr RFid Logistik

The investment already pays off after 7 working days and at no time is there any serious negative impact on the company’s liquidity.

Click on picture to enlarge.

Profit durch RFID Logistik

Amortisationszeit bei Verwendung von RFID Logistik

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Applied Case: Reliable Transportation of School Children with the ginstr Platform

Before ginstr

After ginstr

Task Delegation

A school bus driver gets the instruction to pick up school children from an excursion.

Driver “John Doe” is assigned to “School bus 3” by using the ginstr Bus Transportation app and the ginstr web interface. The dispatcher noted exactly 15 children took part in this excursion.

Data Collection

The driver counts the children manually while the children run through the bus. The driver mistakenly counts a child twice.

Every child has a passenger card with an NFC chip.
It is now possible to identify and count each child as soon as they enter the bus.
The driver chooses the passenger list of “School bus 3” on his tablet or Android device. He immediately recognises one child is missing.

to find out how this process can be automated using beacons


The bus plans several stops throughout the journey and one child is accidentally left behind at a service station.

If a child leaves the bus at the service station his entry/record disappears in the passenger list.

By looking at the passenger list the driver notices that one child is missing and which one.

Data Processing

After the incident is noticed, nobody knows when and at which intermediate stop the child was lost.

Every single passenger has an entry in the app where the times and places of entering and leaving the vehicle are recorded.


The carrier is liable for the logistics and safety of the school children. A scandal bursts because a child’s life is put in danger and the carrier is charged with negligence, along with a heavy fine.
The transport company is also affected and school parents demand to change providers, tarnishing the reputation of the transport service provider.

If a child is lost along the journey, the driver will immediately be made aware and know exactly which child is lost and when and where the child was left.

This recorded information is forwarded as a report to the school authorities for further measures.

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