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What are ginstr apps?

ginstr apps are business apps that can be used on mobile devices that help eliminate paperwork completely. Field workers can use smartphones or tablets with a ginstr app installed to collect information remotely. This data is then sent to ginstr cloud so that you can access it from any web browser in real time via ginstr web.

A ginstr app can do everything a paper form can do – and more! Capture electronic signatures, photos, videos, and voice memos, scan NFC tags, barcodes, and QR codes, and locate using GPS. There’s even the option to create a custom business app for you with a quick turnaround!

Take a tour of the features and explore the possibilities!

ginstr apps have:

ginstr apps features

Create lists and tables

It’s easy to create custom lists and tables! You can have them pre-made in a template or generate new ones with custom fields right in the app!

Locate with GPS

Need to confirm a location for tasks and mobile employees? Our apps can locate and save the GPS coordinates of specific tasks. Geofence capabilities can be further used for location-based alerts and notifications.

Record dates, time, and working hours

A simple date and time recording function allows you to easily save the date and time for specific orders and tasks. Our apps can also work as a digital timesheet, allowing you to keep an accurate record of employee work hours.

Capture electronic signatures

Whether it’s a customer confirmation or delivery slip, our apps can capture signatures right on the smartphone!

Scan barcodes and QR codes

Need to track or identify equipment and inventory? Are you looking for an easy, inexpensive solution that uses existing barcodes or QR codes on objects? Use an off-the-shelf smartphone with a camera and the appropriate ginstr app to solve this problem!

Take photos, videos, and voice memos

Our apps can save photos, videos, and voice recordings associated with specific work tasks. Easily attach memos to them or record the GPS coordinates and timestamp of when they were taken. These additional information can be saved together with the rest of the app data.

Read NFC tags

Easily incorporate an NFC tracking system into your operation by scanning NFC tags with an NFC-capable smartphone or input the NFC tag number manually. Great for guard tours, field worker tasks, and tracking valuable goods.

Access data in the cloud

All of your collected data using our apps will be saved in ginstr cloud, our cloud service using secure servers based in Germany. You can access real-time data from any web browser using ginstr web, our online data management software.

Complete customisation

Do you have a specific app in mind? We can incorporate all of the functions you need, take your corporate branding, and create your very own custom app! Fill out the ginstr custom app request form or contact us for our consultation.

About ginstr

At ginstr, we are experts in digitising paper forms, streamlining work processes, and creating customised business solutions for organisations across all sectors.

Browse through the ginstr app store full of ready-to-go apps or talk to us about quickly creating an affordable custom app with your company's preferences.

Go paperless. Go ginstr.

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