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What are ginstr custom apps?

ginstr custom apps are unique mobile business apps created just for you! Though there’s a wide selection of ready-to-go apps in the ginstr app store, if you don’t see the perfect app for your needs or if you want to use your company’s branding, simply fill out the request form below and we’ll incorporate your specifications for a tailor-made custom business app for your organisation.

Do you have a paper form that you want to digitise? You can upload the file below and we’ll turn it into an app for you!

ginstr custom app request form

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Create lists and tablesCapture electronic signaturesRead NFC tagsScan barcodes/QR codesRecord dates/time/working hoursTake photos/videos/voice memosLocate with GPS

What types of data will you collect using this app? (E.g. first name, last name, date, working hours, etc.)

If you want to incorporate your company logo, please upload the file here.

If you want to use a specific background image, please upload the file here.

If you want to convert an existing paper form into an app, please upload the file here.

About ginstr

At ginstr, we are experts in digitising paper forms, streamlining work processes, and creating customised business solutions for organisations across all sectors.

Browse through the ginstr app store full of ready-to-go apps or talk to us about quickly creating an affordable custom app with your company's preferences.

Go paperless. Go ginstr.

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