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Home alert with location information

This ginstr app allows sending an alert by simply scanning an NFC tag with any NFC capable smartphone. The alert can be distributed to an unlimited number of SMS and e-mail recipients.

The NFC tag is fix mounted to a wall, or any other fixed area. When the NFC tag is scanned the location of its position is transmitted as part of the alert details information you will see in the ginstr platform. This app does not require GPS to be switched on;therefore it is very useful because the smartphone battery will not be drained by GPS.

If the NFC tag is carried around by the resident (e.g. with an NFC wristband, NFC ring, NFC necklace etc.) when creating an alert the GPS position of the resident will be sent to the security centre along with other detailed alert information.

The alert SMS (text messages) and alert e-mails include relevant and important alert information including a link to a map that pinpoints the location where the alert was generated. This allows the rescue team to immediately see where the alert came from so they don´t lose any time in finding the person.

Each alert is transmitted into the secure ginstr cloud for documentation. The alert handling is processed and managed by the ginstr backend.


  • Resident master data is entered manually in ginstr web
  • The NFC-TAGs master data is manually entered in ginstr web
  • Assignment of a phone number to each smartphone (manually entered in ginstr web)
  • Alerts are created by simply scanning an NFC tag with any NFC capable Smartphone
  • Immediate transmission of alert notifications can be sent to an unlimited number of SMS recipients and e-mail recipients
  • Logging of all alert data is securely stored in the ginstr cloud
  • Handling of the alerts is promptly managed by ginstr web


  •  By using NFC tags it is very simple to create an alert with detailed location information
  •  Each user can register an unlimited number of NFC tags
  •  Alerts can be viewed anywhere with ginstr web on any PC, Mac or device connected to the internet with a standard web browser
  • Master data entry can be easily administered in ginstr web
  • Sorting and filtering of data with a multitude of criteria: e.g. by location, customers, time-stamps of alerts etc
  •  The data stored in the ginstr cloud is very useful for further processing and can be exported to an excel spreadsheet(e.g. for use in the bookkeeping department or for management making performance improvements).

The following data is captured:


  • User name
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Customer number (for the service call centre)
  • Land-line telephone numbers (for call-backs in case of an emergency)
  • Multi-line comments
  • Unlimited number of e-mail addresses of alert recipients
  • Unlimited number of SMS numbers of alert recipients
  • A predefined text string will be included in the alert notification (e.g. “resident might have an epileptic attack”)
  • A predefined text string will be shown to the resident after sending an alert (e.g. “the alert has been sent – Joe was informed as well”)

NFC tags

  • NFC tag number
  • Assignment to a resident
  • Real address where the tag is currently mounted
  • Multi-line comment

Phone number per smartphone
Phone number of the smartphone cannot be retrieved programmatically from the SIM card or phone because this information is not stored inside the mobile device.
It is important to be able to call a resident after an emergency alert is triggered from the mobile phone. The phone number of each mobile device is stored in this table:

  • Serial number of the mobile device
  • Assignment of the mobile device to a resident
  • Phone number of the mobile device
  • Multi-line comments


  • User name
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Customer no.
  • Land-line telephone number of the resident
  • Multi-line comment regarding the resident
  • All e-mail addresses of the recipients of this alert
  • All SMS numbers of the recipients of this alert
  • Real address where the tag is currently mounted
  • Multi-line comment regarding the NFC tag
  • Phone number of the phone that was used for sending the alert
  • GPS location at the moment of the creation of the alert
  • Address related to the GPS location that was retrieved at the moment of the creation of the alert
    (this allows for ex. to find out if an NFC tag is still mounted at the location where it is supposed to be mounted)
  • Time stamp of the alert

*This app is offered to you at no cost; however, in order to use the app you must purchase a ginstr subscription.

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