Wireless remote control, remote monitoring, sensors

IIoT stands for the connection of commercial machines and devices to the Internet (Industrial Internet Of Things)

With such an Internet connection, devices and machines can be remotely monitored and controlled with the aim of significantly improving the efficiency and quality of operational processes!

The ginstr IIoT device series covers an ever-expanding range of wireless applications with this aim.

The ginstr IIoT device series covers an ever-expanding range of wireless applications with this aim.

Temperature measurement

(e.g. in refrigerators, incubators, transport containers, during cattle transport)

Detection and reporting of filling levels

(e.g. paper press containers, used clothing containers)

Presence detection of people and objects

(e.g. on construction sites)

Activating/disabling equipment

(e.g. pumps, ventilation, lighting)

Radar or PIR motion detection

(e.g. in hazardous areas)

Detection and transmission of sensor values

(e.g. weight, pressure, tank level, speed)

Recording of operating hours

(e.g. of production machines, basis for preventive maintenance)

Opened / closed detection

(e.g. for windows, doors, gates, covers)

Forwarding of meter readings

(electricity, water, etc.)

Device control system with internet connection

(e.g. for water treatment devices, for UV-C lamps)

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Features at a glance

In the case of devices for autonomous applications, i.e. applications without external power supply, special emphasis was placed on the fact that the devices can be operated for 10-20 years without battery replacement, depending on the configuration for minimizing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

All devices cover a variety of wireless standards:


Most devices are waterproof to IP67 and therefore suitable for outdoor use.

sending date out of  metal box, convincing the faraday cage

Independance of indivual environment

Device Specification

The device electronics as well as the housings are modular.

This allows variants of the devices to be manufactured with a manageable amount of time and a low cost:

  • Devices with a partial assembly in case not all components are required
  • Devices deviating from standard specification
    (e.g. additional / other sensors)
  • Devices with a different housing shape
  • Devices with modified functionality
    (e.g. customized firmware, customized configuration)

The device series is supplemented by two gateways

  • they can receive data from other devices of the device series via LoRa, BLE, Wi-Fi
  • they forward it to the Internet via GPRS, Ethernet, WLAN
We offer the production of tailor-made variants for fixed orders of 100+ devices.
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The IIoT devices can be configured by a ginstr configuration app ... ( to be done)

Auswertung der Daten

All devices work in conjunction with the ginstr IIoT web portal: all data produced by the devices is stored there, the IIoT devices are managed with it and the data can be evaluated and forwarded.