Which industries can benefit from the ginstr solution?

The very flexible ginstr solution is designed to help organisations in a variety of industries with workforce management. Does your company use paper forms? Do you employ mobile employees? Are you looking to improve business efficiency? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, ginstr is sure to have a solution that’s suited to your needs.

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ginstr’s expertise is in providing tailor-made business solutions, resulting in many of their customers seeking a customised solution. Even if you don’t see your industry listed here, ginstr would be more than happy to help find a custom solution for your company’s specific challenges. Contact ginstr for consultation.

Specialised Industry Solutions

Security Bag Tracking

Security bag tracking is important for the safe and tamper-proof transport, storage, and safekeeping of sensitive and valuable items.

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cleaning solution

The most important tasks for cleaning companies is the control and audit trail of assigned employee tasks. Having multiple customers in different locations with different service specifications makes it critical for all employees to practice process adherence. The cleaning solutions allows these companies to efficiently allocate site-specific cleaning tasks to field workers based on the date, special services, periodicity, and emergency events. Inhouse tracking using NFC technology is made possible with the clear identification of buildings and rooms.
cleaning solutions that help cleaning companies


Losing a key can be very expensive because a lost key may mean that all the door locks have to be replaced.
Until the new lock has been fitted there is a high risk of theft, including of private information of patients in a hospital or of similar critical information.

Furthermore, the loss of a key can seriously damage the reputation of the service provider.
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Industries using the ginstr solution

Construction & Mining

A large portion of ginstr’s customers come from the construction industry. Many ginstr apps help locate workers on construction and mine sites, manage their working hours, and monitor equipment. Improved fleet management, employee safety, and asset tracking are some of the benefits in these sectors.
apps that help construction companies
apps that help mining companies

Facility Management

Facility management is a sector that requires the management of many different departments, employees, and subcontractors. Buildings require maintenance, inspections for fire safety, security, and cleaning of facilities and equipment. ginstr apps allow you to oversee all tasks in ginstr web, eliminating the need to manually transmit data on a computer.
apps that help facility management

Equipment Rental

Rental companies must keep track of equipment and machinery in order to track who rented the assets and when they will return for the optimal scheduling of their maintenance and repair. ginstr apps make it easy for these companies to monitor the rented time frame, return dates, and damages using photos and condition statuses. Examples of such rental products may include construction equipment, vending machines, water coolers, photo copiers, printers, and coffee machines.
apps that help equipment rental companies

Chemical & Process

Any industry working in a hazardous environment needs to have safety systems and contingency plans in place. ginstr apps can help chemical and processing plants to implement fast and smooth evacuation procedures, ensuring the safety of all employees.
apps that help chemical and processing plants

Health Care

There is a variety of use cases of our apps in health care. Hospitals can use NFC tags to track equipment and beds. They can also have medical staff use NFC tags to check into specific rooms within a hospital. Visiting nurses for home care can automate and regulate the services provided for every patient, ensuring high quality service while maximising cost efficiency.
apps that help health care workers


Security guards and guard patrol monitoring can benefit from our apps that help increase productivity and guard safety. The use of NFC capable smartphones and NFC tags can ensure that patrols are taking place on time at the right place with proof verification for clients. The real-time display of data in ginstr web allows management to promptly react to irregularities while increasing the security of guards.
apps that help security companies

Transport & Logistics

The vast availability and affordability of smartphones has fuelled the interest in using handheld mobile devices instead of navigation systems in the transport and logistics industries. We have apps that help these companies delegate driving jobs, monitor driven routes, and perform specific tasks while locating them for an overview of the entire fleet. Other uses include safely transporting children and people with disabilities on buses, controlling the air pressure and temperature of tires, and tracking shipments (chain of custody) using NFC tags.
apps that help transport and logistics ancompanies


In the hotel industry, there are many recurring tasks that need to be recorded and monitored. These tasks include the accounting of minibar consumption and the maintenance of fire extinguishers and emergency exits. High-value goods, such as TVs and artwork, can be equipped with NFC tags for tracking and identification.
apps that support the hotel industry

Public Service

The public service sector can benefit from ginstr apps that record tasks and track inventory and equipment. Examples include activities involved in parks management, pest control, and street cleaning.
apps that help public service entities

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