ginstr finds the optimal solution for every industry and for every company. You tell us what you want out of your app and we will provide the best quality at a fixed price.

ginstr stands out with its exceptionally extensive consulting knowledge. We will build the best and most suitable app for you, which will make your routines more efficient and rescue you from the paperwork.

You can either select from the variety of already developed solutions or we tailor an app aligning to your needs.

We apply your corporate design on request at a guaranteed fixed price.

In addition, we offer new possibilities for data storage and integration with your enterprise software.

ginstr apps are ideal for any business employing mobile workers or one that has to deal with countless paper-based forms. Here you can find the process management software developed by our engineers that have already been successfully used in many business.

These range from the attendance check for the control of supply chains to solutions for complex requirements in healthcare management. Special apps for Hire & Rental, Facility Inspection & Management and Hospitality as well as intelligent solutions for crafts, construction or inventory management and cleaning services are all available.

ginstr apps connect mobile employees with the office staff having an access to the backend because the data is not stored on the smartphones but rather on the cloud. You therefore always have access to all the collected data and also use with which can be effortlessly used with your existing business software.

You have yet found a solution on the app store that matches all your requirements?
Do you want a customised app to carry the logo and the corporate design of your company?

Your requirements for a solution are so complex that you could use the advices from our experienced engineers and developers?

No problem. Let us take a look into the specific details of your case.
We will either modify an existing app to suit your needs or build a completely customised solution that will satisfy your needs.

Use our readily available form to request the basic requirements for your custom-made app.

We will follow up and work out all the details with you.

With ginstr web, we provide you with the management software which you can access and work with real time data.

You can do this from anywhere in the world and on any device, regardless of operating systems and software. All you need to do is to log in.

All data from your app can be read, processed and edited immediately in form of tables, charts or existing Excel spreadsheets. You also have the ability to make the data available to other employees online.

Data collected from apps like Time Recording or Equipment Manager can be directly transmitted to the accounting department for further transferring. This streamlined model saves time, speeds up the process and therefore increases your liquidity.

The ginstr cloud is an exceptionally secure data storage. Our multiple secure servers automatically gather your data for your immediate access.

Our servers are not only scrutinised by the strict German data protection, they are located at two separate locations in Germany and constantly monitored by our data protection department.

You data just cannot be more secure.

And you can access the data from any browser from anywhere in the world and on any device.

This way nothing can escape your attention.

The good news is, this service is already included in every subscription package.

Try it out. If you do not have ginstr ID, register for free on the Business App Store and get a month free usage of the ginstr solutions without any commitments.

About ginstr

At ginstr, we are experts in digitising paper forms, streamlining work processes, and creating customised business solutions for organisations across all sectors.

Browse through the ginstr app store full of ready-to-go apps or talk to us about quickly creating an affordable custom app with your company's preferences.

Go paperless. Go ginstr.

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