Truck Load Management

Mobile and web based industrial waste and material platform

Mobile and web based industrial waste and material platform

Truck Load Management Mobile app is a complete solution to manage and monitor industrial waste and material along all stages: from loading to transportation, to unloading, treatment and disposal.
ginstr delivers a web and mobile based industrial and waste management platform to streamline and simplify waste management processes through a centralised system.
This app, integrated with the ginstr web office software, enables transport and logistics companies to efficiently record loading and dumping activities and ensure compliance, especially in disaster prone areas.
Daily operations and processes are easily documented on the mobile app, monitored on ginstr web and made available for sharing by generating reports based on collected data. This data includes records related to material type and weight, loading and dumping addresses, and more.
The innovative feature of the business app is its compatibility with NFC technology. This technology ensures the reliable identification of trucks used for the purpose of waste management during transport. This is especially crucial when it comes to third party subcontracted trucks, where the company can monitor the capacity usage of each truck for cost management purposes.



  • Immediate invoicing and liquidity: clear and accurate documentation in the form of reports with loading and dumping processes.
  • Legal compliance: with requirements for treatment of waste in disaster prone areas.
  • Off-site operations management: monitor truck loads from a disaster area to landfills to gain insight on waste volumes per area.
  • Cut operational costs and generate additional revenue for your business: prevent idle times of drivers and vehicles with ginstr office software, ginstr web.


  • Assign and manage truck data using a QR code or NFC tag
  • Use drop down list to manage load types and load ratio in percentage.
  • GPS coordinates to record loading and dumping locations.
  • Capture photos to record the state of a given load.
  • Identify the hazardous material for distinguishing amongst treatment processes.
  • Generate reports of loading and dumping processes.
  • Record subcontractor company name, phone etc.
  • Record driver details: which subcontractor he belongs to, first name, last name, comments related to destination, pickup material, etc.

This app facilitates the off-site monitoring and management during the entire transportation process by recording details of third party contractors, drivers and vehicles and delivering real time data through reports generated by the office software. The app helps in effectively driving the waste reduction efforts through data collected on hazardous and non-hazardous waste. With this app you can successfully reach ‘zero waste to landfill’ goals by centralising and digitising the waste management processes.

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