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Digital solutions for more efficiency in daily routine

15 years

business consulting


15 years

software development


8 years

mobile app development


Our mission

We translate manual and paper-based processes into digitised solutions

We focus on

Decreasing work-flow errors, time and labour

Our solution

Reduces human error, accelerates data recording, and eliminates the need for laborious data input into computer systems

We deliver fast and affordable quality service.


Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, we are a B2B service provider committed to creating and delivering tailor-made solutions for our cherished customers.


We invest heavily in R&D, giving us enough room to meet varied requirements of our customers at a low cost and in no time at all.


Aside from the wide selection of ready-to-go app templates, our services include consultation and custom app development.

Markus Semm, founder and CEO, actively advises businesses on the use of IT applications, thanks to his 30 years of experience in consultation and software development. The aim is always to build a technology for consistent productivity, easier integration and great scalability.

ginstr Team


Markus Semm


“ginstr is a combination of passionate and competent app developers that makes NFC technology, the latest trend, highly appreciated by our customers.”


Jutta Mund


“We are based on trust and reliability. We appreciate our customers as much as we believe in their ideas. Our recipe is: flexibility, result-driven, and strong team cooperation.”


Martin Steinfurth


“ginstr has heavily invested in software development. We know what our customers are looking for, that’s why our apps are user-friendly and customisable.”


Simon Calusat

Key Account Manager

“We aim to solve our clients’ challenges every day: release information of new technologies,
work on business development and provide the right solutions to them.”


Gabriel da Fonseca

Web and Digital Marketing Manager

“Every customer is unique for us. By selling ginstr-driven business solutions, we fulfill their individual needs.”


Rebecca Hill

Public Relations and Marketing Manager

“We are passionate creators of and believers in technology. We are not only a service provider - we also consult, educate and assess our customers’ needs.”


Danijel Škvorc

ginstr App Developer

“ginstr is a fast growing software company. For every problem, we develop an effective and thorough solution without any exceptions!”


Dejan Andric

QA Engineer

“At ginstr we don’t compromise on the quality of our products. We constantly enhance our software to ensure that we provide the best possible user experience for all our customers.”

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