ginstr Business App Maker – Your DIY tool to create apps

ginstr Business App Maker (gBAM) is a DIY app-making software that allows anyone to combine pre-designed widgets and graphics, arrange them according to preference, and publish, to create a limitless number of new apps.
Apps created with gBAM improve efficiency and help you avoid errors in daily operations. All apps can use the features provided by the ginstr platform - RFID/NFC, photos, digital signatures, GPS, validation of entered data, and more.

Modify a ginstr app

From our existing app collection, you can select an app closely related to your needs and alter it to ensure a perfect fit to your requirements and business.

The existing app templates were tailor-made either by our team or by our customers based on actual customer needs related to making the management of employees, equipment, or business processes more efficient.


Create a new app

With gBAM, lack of skills in coding is no longer an obstacle to revolutionary ideas. These can now be easily translated into a functional product.

The goal of gBAM is to help businesses who may not have the right tools, or simply don’t know where to start.

This app creation software is designed in such a way that you are guaranteed to have a functional app in the end.


3 Simple steps


Drag and Drop





Revolutionary features like no other

No one knows your business better than you do. That’s why gBAM offers 70 widgets with multiple functions that can help you create the app that you need and when you need it. gBAM derives a wide range of widgets from ginstr including the time-lapse clock, proof of identity with RFID data, Auto-Fill information.

Innovative apps for true innovators.


Getting started with gBAM

With gBAM, you can create a revolutionary app without any knowledge of coding or program writing. After all, you know your business better than anybody else. gBAM aims to help people like you who may have the perfect idea but lack the right tools, or just simply don’t know where to begin. Start your digital journey with gBAM and expect efficiency in your business.

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