Our Solution

Workflow management for reliable & real-time insight on mobile operations

Gain a competitive edge with ginstr

ginstr caters to the needs of any business employing mobile workers or dealing with a large number of assets and equipment

Our team of experts has developed a comprehensive solution to help you reach your business goals and bridge the information gap between deliverables and monitoring entities.

The ginstr management software combined with Android apps to virtually connect mobile employees with office managers. It grants managers access to real-time data on the activities performed by employees outside the office, ensuring deliverables are met.

  • Speed up processing times
  • Eliminate human error
  • Gain in liquidity as of today

Select from a variety of existing app templates on our website or request a tailor-made app covering all your needs.
We also let you create your own app for free with ready-to-use themes and wizards!


Collect Data

Start collecting data with your Android device on the app.


Store Data

Your data is stored & backed-up on ginstr cloud.


Access Data

View, analyse & share your data on ginstr web.

How data is collected

Download a ginstr app from the Google Play Store. Modify or create your own ginstr app with gBAM. Ask us to develop a tailor-made app.

Access data in the cloud
Read NFC tags
Complete customisation
Take photos, videos, voice memos
Create lists and tables
Scan barcodes and QR codes
Record dates, time, and working hours
Locate with GPS
Electronic signature

How data is stored

ginstr cloud storage service allows you to save collected data using ginstr apps on secure servers in Germany.


Real-time updates

All data collected using ginstr apps is sent to ginstr cloud in real time. Always stay up to date with the ginstr solution!


Protected Data

We have a dedicated data protection & privacy manager, safeguarding your collected data in ginstr cloud.


Automatic Backups

Our system is scheduled to automatically perform backups. With this double security system, have peace of mind knowing that your data will always be in the cloud.


On The Spot Access

Access it any time you want from any location as long as you are connected to the Internet.


Secure Server in Germany

ginstr cloud is run by a set of servers in several locations within Germany. We strictly follow German privacy and data protection laws so you can be sure your data is safe with us.

How data is accessed

ginstr web is the online management software that allows you to access, analyse, and further process your data in real time.


Advanced reporting tool

Automate and download customised reports in PDF, Word, Excel, CSV with graphical elements to send out invoices and service reports to your clients.


Access database from any device

Your field workers can access the corporate files on ginstr web from anywhere on any device – mobile, tablet or PC.


User-friendly software

An adaptable dashboard to sort, filter and reorganise the date entries, fields and tables. The data gets synchronised across all devices and platforms in less than a second!


Integrated map feature

View the GPS coordinates on the integrated map powered by OpenStreetMap.


Seamless integration with third party software

The ginstr data integration service allows you to import and export all your data and integrate with the existing software within your company.

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