Customisable Android Apps for Businesses

What are ginstr apps?

ginstr apps help answer questions like “How much did this activity cost me?” ”How will I justify and invoice services rendered to my customer?” Or more industry specific concerns such as “How do I dispatch tasks to my drivers more efficiently?” ”Do I have all the tools I need to complete this job?” ”Who is my next patient and what should I do?”

ginstr translates your unique business processes into digitised workflows, ensuring these processes are streamlined and strictly adhered to. The overview and status of associated activities are recorded and accessible in real time from anywhere through ginstr web, the web-based management software!

This means managers are now empowered to reduce the time and costs related to:

  • ginstr-logo-icon-large-14-11 Monitoring and Controlling Mobile Workers and Assets
  • ginstr-logo-icon-large-14-11 Recognising Process Deviations and Implementing Corrective Measures
  • ginstr-logo-icon-large-14-11 Documenting Task Progress and Issuing Official Reports

Let us create your app

ginstr custom apps are unique mobile business apps created just for you! Though there’s a wide selection of ready-to-go apps in the ginstr app store, if you don’t see the perfect app for your needs or if you want to use your company’s branding, simply fill out the request form below and we’ll incorporate your specifications for a tailor-made custom business app for your organisation.

Do you have a paper form that you want to digitise? You can upload the file below and we’ll turn it into an app for you!

Coming Soon - Create your own app

Do you want to create your own app but simply don’t know where to begin? A solution has been developed in the form of the ginstr Business App Maker (gBAM). It’s a DIY app-making software that turns your innovative ideas into a functional mobile app. gBAM allows you to integrate pre-designed widgets and graphics, simply drag and drop.

Create the app that your business needs with gBAM!

Fit for a wide range of industries

ginstr apps are generic solutions used in virtually any industry. The modular system makes this solution effortless and adaptable for customisation. Industry-specific forms and processes can easily be converted into a ginstr app!

With a friendly user interface

ginstr apps have many different uses and functionalities but remain easy to use with intuitive interfaces. You'll be able to use any ginstr app with no extensive training or experience.

And a single page application (SPA) usage

ginstr apps can consist of multiple screens and menu items, or of only a single screen, e.g. to record completed tasks or working hours, or to report results of checks carried out (this is useful for security guards, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, traffic safety, etc.), depending on customer preference.

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  • Asset Tracking
  • Barcode/QR code
  • Chain of Custody
  • Cleaning
  • Construction Category
  • Craft Industry
  • Employee Timesheets
  • Facility Management Tag
  • GPS
  • Health Care
  • Hotel Category
  • Inspections Category
  • Item Information
  • NFC Category
  • Rental
  • Roll Call
  • Security
  • Surveys
  • Transport Category
  • Vending Machines
  • Work Report
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