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This ginstr app allows seamless reporting of tasks executed by caretakers.

The identification of each facility is done by reading an NFC tag, which is mounted to each facility. This ensures that the caretaker is in fact present at the facility while reporting some executed tasks.

The tasks to be executed are segregated into groups. This allows for ex. to separate tasks related to electrical components from gardening tasks.
The app also allows reporting all used consumables, planning tasks for next visit in the same facility and recording signatures of the caretakers of the facility managers for confirming the reported work done.

The data recording is done via Smartphone or tablet. The recorded data is transmitted almost in real-time to the office web software ginstr web, which allows further processing, examination or exporting the data to some third party software like bookkeeping or dispatching software.


  • Reading of NFC tags for identification of each facility
  • Confirmation of the tasks completed as expected by customer or employee signature
  • Entering of comments for each task completed
  • Recording of all used consumables
  • Automatic recording of the GPS coordinate and Address while adding a new facility
  • Automatic recording of date and time for each report
  • Automatic recording of the user who entered a report


  • Each rendered service is recorded fast and seamless – no task is executed anymore without reporting
  • ginstr web allows analysing the reports
  • Sorting of the reports by customer
  • Sorting of the reports by caretaker
  • Sorting of the reports by date and time
  • Filtering of not yet executed tasks per customer or facility

*This app is offered to you at no cost; however, in order to use the app you must purchase a ginstr subscription.

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