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Caretaker Report

Efficiently monitor work of your employees in different facilities

What does ginstr Caretaker Report app do?


Record GPS coordinates and address when adding a new facility


Enterprise grade data security


Record employee and client signatures for report completion


Enter additional details for completed tasks


Record all consumables used


Take photos of completed tasks


Access facility data anywhere through ginstr online management platform


Automatic cloud backups


Check time spent at each facility


Automatically populate data from ginstr NFC tags


Multiple entry fields in app for detailed data collection


Download reports in multiple formats for later analysis


Record location of where the report was completed


Secure cloud storage


Create tasks to be completed in subsequent inspections

Why use ginstr Caretaker Report app?

Go paperless with digital forms

Facilities require routine maintenance and multiple repairs. Keeping track of all the maintenance work required can be a daunting task, especially if done manually.
Digital forms eliminate the need to complete and maintain paper forms. Not only is this more environmentally friendly, but chances of human error due to manual data entry when transferring the form data into a database is eliminated.

Don’t be limited by words on our forms

A picture speaks a thousand words! A paper-based form only lets you describe a problem in terms of words and figures, which is not enough to accurately depict the severity of a problem. Furthermore, not everyone speaks or uses language in the same way. Hence, our Android app lets you take photos, in addition to verbal descriptions, to accurately capture the condition of the facility and the seriousness of a required repair. This lets you precisely convey problems without linguistic differences becoming a hindrance.

Maintain an audit trail of activities

The caretaker report app helps you maintain audit trails of all activities performed at your facility. Since information on an NFC tag cannot be tampered with, the information read from it is always accurate. You can know which workman repaired which machine and which supervisor was responsible for a round of inspections. Not only does this let you know who is being delegated to complete a task, but also lets you maintain an audit trail for legal compliance purposes.

Ensure staff accountability with NFC

Facilities can be large. It is difficult to ensure staff are fulfilling their duties. Furthermore, how do you ensure staff are visiting areas they are assigned?
NFC tags, short for Near Field Communications tags, are inexpensive and can be configured to identify a pre-decided asset or location. These tags, placed throughout your facility can only be read at very close distances (up to 2 cm).
A staff member must visit each of them to read them. Used in combination with the Caretaker report app, you can be assured that your staff are completing their obligations as promised while also have an audit trail as proof of their activities.

Simple to use

Simplicity has been the focus of our Android app. Spend less time training and deploying. Start improving your bottom end from day 1.

Collect signatures in app

Just because you use digital forms does not mean you cannot capture signatures. Our Android app lets you collect signatures before submitting a form. This way you can be assured that all the parties involved in completing a task are able to input their signature in the app.

Save administrative hours

Recording data in a paper form is time-consuming and error-prone while filling in the form. Information in these forms must be transferred to a database such as Excel. This consumes time and is prone to errors again due to manual data entry. Any photos taken must be transferred to a computer separately, which is another time-consuming task. Once transferred it is difficult to identify which photos belong to which form. With our solution, all your data, including pictures, is updated to ginstr cloud in real time saving you a lot of administrative time and workload.

Conduct proactive maintenance and reduce downtimes

Not all repairs are created equal. Identify crucial repairs, and ensure critical equipment are always functioning by planning maintenance work before a failure or breakdown occurs. During inspections, record tasks for subsequent inspections. Mitigate the chances of disrupting business operations due to failing equipment and keep the facility in good working condition for business operations.

Reporting made easy with ginstr web

All data recorded on the field is updated to the ginstr cloud in real time. Our online management system, ‘ginstr web’, lets you conduct detailed evaluations and download reports in PDF, CSV, Word and Excel with graphical visualisations of your data. Our web portal, ginstr web also lets you see the location of work done on an integrated map feature.

Enhanced information security

Our Android app and its supporting back-end infrastructure comply with all European privacy and data protection laws. Furthermore, NFC tags are secure by design. All the collected data is protected by a dedicated data protection manager. You can rest assured that your information is in safe hands. Read our privacy statement here.

Robust data loss prevention

All recorded data is immediately backed up to our secure cloud storage for effective data loss prevention. If your android mobile is not connected to the internet, data is stored locally on your mobile until internet access resumes, at which point the recorded data is backed up to our secure cloud storage. Access this information anywhere via ginstr web. This lets you focus on effective facility management and not have to worry about losing your data.

A solution for every need

In case this was not the solution you were after, we offer a variety of business apps that can help you achieve your corporate goals. We help businesses collect data on the field with powerful electronic forms, that empower them with accurate information and save them many hours of administrative work. Get in touch with us today to begin your optimization journey.

All of our expected targets have been fully met. The familiarization period for our caretakers was unexpectedly short.

Christian Kröeger, Managing Director at Gewerbesiedlungs- Gesellschaft mbH

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