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What is ginstr web?

ginstr web is our online data management software that allows you to access your data saved in ginstr cloud. All of the data collected using ginstr apps can be viewed and modifiedin real time. Since you can log into ginstr web from any web browser, you can manage your data at the office or on the go, depending on what device you’re using! Instead of using ginstr apps on mobile phones, management and administrators can use ginstr web for data entry. All data can be used for further company use, such as payroll and cost centre allocation. Just like the apps, ginstr web is also packed with customization capabilities, allowing you to manage your data comfortably.

How to access ginstr web:

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Access collected data in real time and easily manage the data from any web browser!

ginstr web features

Access from any web browser

All you need is an internet connection and a web browser to access your data. This means you can manage your data in the office or on the go, on your PC or on your tablet!

Use it for data entry

Use ginstr web as a data entry software! All data from ginstr apps can be automated into tables that can be viewed and modified. New tables can also be created, which is useful for making up-to-date data from an Excel file available via the internet.

View GPS coordinates on a map

All ginstr apps that transmit GPS coordinates will display all of the addresses on the integrated map powered by OpenStreetMap. These saved locations, such as supplier, customer, and employee addresses, can also be added directly in ginstr web. Simply enter the GPS coordinates, import the address, or select the location using the map.

Speedy payments for optimal bookkeeping

All digital forms are filled out on location and sent to ginstr web, allowing administration work to be done immediately. This can greatly help with timely payments, payroll, and cash flow.

Easy management of all data

ginstr web will allow you to have a convenient overview of all of your data collected from all ginstr apps. Once you’re logged in, you can easily view and manage all of the data that gets conveniently synchronised across all devices and platforms such as your mobile phone and PC.

Different data types

Our apps have so many functions that allow you to work with many different data types, such as text, numbers, dates, photos, videos, voice memos, digital signatures, and GPS coordinates. Other data can be filled in later in ginstr web.

Create geofences

Use the map in ginstr web to create virtual borders called geofences. Receive alerts via e-mail whenever an employee or tracked device enters or leaves a specific geographic area.

Access corporate databases remotely

Give all field workers direct access to their corporate files on ginstr web from their mobile devices so that they can work remotely outside of the office from any location

Customised data display

You can design multiple workspaces for limitless combinations for customisation using different portlets. Define up to 20 different workspaces that you can rename and rearrange with your desired number of portlets.

Search, sort, and filter entries

Sort, modify, and reorganise data entries right inside ginstr web. There are also search and filter options that make the management of data easier.

Seamless integration into your system

The ginstr data integration service allows you to use ginstr cloud data on your server, software, or application of choice, and use your own data in any ginstr app or ginstr web. Easily import and export all of your data using this service.

Adapts to your business

There’s no need to change your processes as the flexible ginstr solution can seamlessly adapt to your system and integrate into your business.

About ginstr

At ginstr, we are experts in digitising paper forms, streamlining work processes, and creating customised business solutions for organisations across all sectors.

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