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Guard Tour Management

Managing your security teams has never been easier

What does ginstr Guard Tour Management app do?


Record security checkpoints that were visited by your guard


Record location of incidents for later review


Record timestamp of events or unexpected incidents


Collect detailed information about incidents in app


Record the responding officer’s details after an incident


Use NFC tags to identify security checkpoints


Collect guard signature in app when reporting incidents


Take photos to document incidents


Download reports in multiple formats


Easy to use Android smartphone application


Automatic cloud backups


Secure cloud storage


Access data anywhere through our online management platform


Industry standard data security

Why use ginstr Guard Tour Management app?

Improve security team preparedness

Plan customized patrols for your security teams or receive customized alerts for incomplete tasks with our online management platform.

Increase team accountability

Show customers you are fulfilling your obligations by requiring guards to interact with NFC tags at checkpoints to accomplish their duties.

Create detailed incident reports

Create detailed incident reports in multiple formats that can be used for analysis or submitted to the police.

Superior security team management

Organize your guard patrol teams in real time.
Stay informed of their location.

React immediately to unexpected events

No need to constantly monitor your teams. Be notified of a reported incident and quickly react to unexpected events.

Industry standard data security

We work with security experts to ensure our Android app and its supporting back end infrastructure comply with all European privacy and data protection laws.

Automatic secure cloud backups

All data recorded in our app is backed up to our secure cloud storage, so you do not have to worry about data loss.

Access your data anywhere

Use our online management platform to analyse and plan guard tours and security patrols, anywhere.

The ginstr solution is more affordable compared to our previous system and other industry-specific solutions, for both the initial package and the running costs.

Evelyn Neushaus, Assistant Managing Director at Bergische Security

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