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Guard Tour Management - ginstr app Android send location, scan the NFC tag - Guard Tour Management additional report, checkpoint name, address, reason for the report, incident details, police officers name at location, police officers contact details, take photos - Guard Tour Management police officers contact details, take photos, employee signature - Guard Tour Management assign NFC tag, scan the NFC tag, checkpoint name, address - Guard Tour Management Guard Tour Management - ginstr web cloud based platform


This app for security companies offers an innovative guard tour system using NFC technology. Guard tours performed by security guards are more efficient due to real-time reports of each tour with date, time, and location information. The affordability of NFC-capable smartphones make this system favorable compared to previous guard patrol technology.


  • reads NFC tags installed along patrol routes of overseen property
  • creates additional reports of incidents with recorded data to submit to the police
  • takes photos to document specific incidents
  • registers all addresses automatically from the GPS coordinates when entering data (if GPS reception is available)
  • registers dates and time of data entry automatically
  • records the logins of users
  • captures the signatures of employees
  • remotely assign location information onto the NFC tags on site


  • increases efficiency of guard patrols
  • easier scheduling of guard patrols
  • tasks not performed as scheduled are immediately detected, allowing you to resolve the problem quickly
  • react immediately to unexpected irregularities and events
  • all necessary data for police reports (e.g. name, police station, phone number, pictures, etc.) are securely saved in ginstr cloud
  • be able to show proof of completed patrols for customers
  • helps collect data for payroll
  • efficiently incorporate new guards into the system

*This app is offered to you at no cost; however, in order to use the app you must purchase a ginstr subscription.

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