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Asset Location Manager

Easy identification & location tracking of assets in real time

What does ginstr Asset Location Manager app do?


Effective asset tracking with NFC on your Android mobile


Use NFC tags to identify equipment in app


Easily assign asset details to NFC tags within the app


Simple Android app design for easy asset management


Access your data anywhere through our web portal


Automatic data backup to cloud storage


Enhanced information security as per industry guidelines

Why use ginstr Asset Location Manager app?

Efficient asset tracking

A company can only be successful if it can ensure its physical assets are not sitting idle. Successful asset management results in assets being actively employed to generate revenue. With the help of our asset tracking system, you benefit from increased operational awareness. Know which assets are available to use and which are not.
Enjoy better strategic planning, by knowing which assets can be put to work at what time.

Create a chain of custody

Creating a chain of custody can be a tedious experience. Tracking and reporting who is responsible for what set of equipment or tools is challenging. With our Asset Location Manager app, this process is easily streamlined. All you need is an NFC compatible Android mobile and NFC tags. With our asset tracking system, you can reliably track your equipment usage and create and enforce a chain of custody easily.

Reduce human error with NFC tags

Creating a log of who is using what equipment at which location is a daunting task. If you have hundreds of tools and equipment, a small spelling error can result in an incorrect usage entry. With the asset location manager app, you only need an NFC compatible Android mobile and NFC tags to track your equipment. Quickly identify and load asset information onto the app and enter details about its location and future usage, greatly reducing human error as a result.

Maintain profitability with accurate costing

Controlling costs is the key to effective asset management. With our asset location manager app, stay informed about the usage patterns of your equipment and tools. Combined with our tracking system, our app lets you understand where your assets are located, letting you avoid unnecessary equipment purchases, rental or transportation fees. This lets you keep costs low and your profitability high.

Simplified mobile asset tracking experience

The Asset Location Manager app was designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Our NFC tags work seamlessly with our Android app. As a result, you benefit from reduced training times and quicker deployment, leading to a better asset management experience. All you need is an NFC compatible Android mobile to enjoy a seamless asset tracking experience from the get-go.

Enhanced information security

We have ensured our Android app and it’s supporting back-end infrastructure comply with all European privacy and data protection laws. You can rest assured that your information is in safe hands.

Robust data loss prevention

Your data is automatically backed up to our secure cloud storage for effective data loss prevention. If your Android mobile is not connected to the internet, data is stored locally on your mobile until internet access resumes, at which point the recorded data is backed up to our cloud. Access this information anywhere via our web portal known as ‘ginstr web’. This way you can confidently focus on effective asset management and not have to worry about data loss.

An asset tracking system for every need

In case you are looking for a different solution, we offer a range of business apps that empower businesses with important information needed to meet their business goals. We leverage different tracking solutions to help businesses overcome their unique operational challenges.

A maintenance-free, uncomplicated solution that works with standard (Android/NFC) devices and also offers better overview, inventory protection and traceability of movements. We chose the ginstr solution over its competitors because it is easy to handle, and most other products on the market are not maintenance-free. If any company has similar problems to us I can highly recommend this product.

Volker Günther, Head of IT and Marketing at Morof group

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