Asset Location Manager

Identification & tracking of asset locations

Identification & tracking of asset locations

This app is ideal for line managers in the construction, transport, logistics & public service sectors who want to know the exact location of their assets.

Have a large number of assets like construction machinery, containers or high value goods?

ginstr has the solution for you: asset location manager!

The solution helps you locate these assets in real time for improved management of your chain of custody.

Get full control of individual assets remotely: know the exact location, timestamp, and the last person responsible in real-time.


The Asset Location Manager app, your best ally to reduce time & effort spent on locating assets:

  • Gain in transparency and productivity with real-time localisation, no matter the area size.
  • Protect your work tools and equipment from loss.
  • Avoid human error in logging storage locations.

Locating your assets becomes child’s play:

  • The location of an asset is recorded by simply scanning an NFC tag or barcode using an Android smartphone.
  • Comments can easily be added to describe storage locations, asset conditions and other relevant information to improve operational efficiency.
  • Data is instantly shared between mobile workers and office supervisors, and is accessible anywhere through a web-based software for better monitoring and further processing.

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Such a complete solution is surely difficult to set up? Not at all!

  • First, place an NFC tag or barcode on each asset that needs to be monitored.
  • Then, scan the NFC tag or barcode to register the asset directly with the app or through the web-based software.

The solution works in three simple steps:

  • To save the location of an asset, the employee scans the NFC tag or barcode on the asset.
  • After this tag or code is scanned, information such as GPS coordinates, time stamps, related comments and the last responsible person are encrypted and stored instantly on the ginstr cloud.
  • The data related to each assigned item is sent from the cloud in real time to the ginstr web management platform. This way the data is easily accessible for each site or warehouse centrally, making the management of different locations stress-free.

The web-based ginstr platform also offers unique features to optimise the treatment of your data:

  • Filtering by asset number allows you to organise information related to a given set of assets.
  • Assigning the asset to the responsible person to ensure clear chains of custody.
  • Viewing in real-time by whom an item is scanned through usernames and mobile device serial numbers.
  • Pinpointing asset locations visually on a map.

The data can then be processed, analysed and shared with the relevant stakeholder or department.

Such a high-performance solution is surely expensive? Not really!

The app is free and monthly fees are paid based on the number of users and assets.