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This app quickly and efficiently registers bus entries and exits by name.

For example, the app can seamlessly log the transportation of school children, the disabled, and other passengers subject to an extended duty of care, including tour groups.
It can easily be verified later which passenger entered which bus, driven by which bus driver at what time and out of which bus the passenger exited or, respectively, whether all passengers have gathered again on the bus.
Furthermore, one can determine at any time which passenger is currently in which bus with a simple query on a mobile phone by the bus driver or with the office software.
The data is continuously synchronized with the ginstr servers and can be accessed in near real-time on any device.
Where each passenger last entered or exited can always be checked as requested by carers or family members or in the case of missing persons.


  • bus selection
  • detects passenger upon entering and exiting the bus using the NFC passenger card as means of identification
  • registers NFC passenger card for new passengers directly in the app
  • registers new buses directly in the app
  • registers all addresses automatically from the GPS coordinates (if GPS reception is available)
  • registers dates and time of data entry automatically
  • records the logins of users


  • at-will overview of which passengers are currently in which bus and when and where they exited respectively
  • quicker calculation of transport services to the service provider is enabled, as the necessary data is readily available and can be processed efficiently after exporting to CSV
  • written timesheets become superfluous, as the bus driver’s working hours will be automatically detected and transferred to the ginstr web

*This app is offered to you at no cost; however, in order to use the app you must purchase a ginstr subscription.

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