Ice Cream Vending Machine Maintenance

This app enables the efficient management of ice cream vending machine re-stock, maintenance, and installation, allowing users to create maintenance reports detailing the tasks that were performed. Click on the Google Play button to download the app for FREE* or scan the QR code to download it directly on your mobile device. This ensures the optimal performance of machines, revenue from vending machine sales, and customer satisfaction. Reports can be easily produced and the customer can digitally sign off right on the mobile device. Users no longer have to fill out time-consuming paper forms nor do they have to transfer the data. The collected data can be accessed via ginstr web for further processing and sharing with other departments, such as accounting and logistics.



  • Identification of Ice Cream Vending Machine with QR-Code
  • Records customer information.
  • Records all completed tasks (E.g. cleaning, installation, refill) and notes regarding the service provided.
  • Records technical details of inspection (E.g. power supply, refrigeration, lighting).
  • Records details of services delivered.
  • Take up to 5 photos displayed in a gallery.
  • Registers dates and time of data entry automatically.
  • Records the logins of users.
  • Captures customer signatures.
  • Captures employees signatures.


  • Displays the date and details of the last service and restock.
  • No time-consuming paperwork on location.
  • Customers are able to confirm all completed tasks and refill of stock.
  • Easily create audit trails with secure documentation of maintenance services with time and date stamps.
  • Tamper-proof digital recording of all tasks completed and services are securely saved in ginstr cloud.
  • Service reports can be immediately incorporated into customer invoices.
  • The analysis of tasks per worker and service per vending machine can optimise resource allocation while reducing costs of maintenance and service.
  • Data can be analysed to optimise maintenance frequencies which can result in increased sales and reduced costs.