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Workforce attendance management solution for your sites

This ginstr app is ideal for site managers in the construction industry who are responsible to ensure the completion of evacuation processes by accessing the list of workers inside the construction site in case of an emergency.
Are you responsible for multiple construction sites that are potentially dangerous and want to supervise the attendance of your workers in real-time?

Construction Site Attendance is a flawless roll call solution for your company!
Our solution ensures that your employees are recording their attendance on the construction sites to guarantee the completion of the evacuation process on occurrence of an emergency situation.

The Construction Site Attendance app, the best tool to mitigate the unforeseen risks:


  • Shrink administrative costs by enhancing the process of attendance management
  • Ensure legal compliance by obtaining proof of presence of your employees and avoid additional expenses incurred on lawsuits
  • Allocate labour costs of each construction site to a cost centre
  • Ensure your employees’ safety at any given time: thanks to a complete overview of all your construction sites on a dedicated web-based platform
  • Establish a seamless evacuation measure plan with the help of a list of workers being present on a construction work site


An online attendance management of mobile workers on construction site: available on your desk:


  • Record workers’ attendance: entry and exit with date and time
  • Quickly access the information of which worker is on which construction site directly from your phone
  • Register construction site and related cost centre number
  • Maintain an overview of the attendance entries of your employees from each construction site on ginstr-web: entry & exit, presence & absence of workers and more


Just few steps are needed to setup your attendance solution:


  • First register your construction sites with ginstr app or on online management software
  • Secondly, assign a unique NFC tag to your employees working on the construction sites
  • Finally, equip your guards or site supervisors with an NFC capable smartphone
  • Start using it!

Construction Site Attendance system works in two simple steps:


  • When the employee arrives on the construction site, the guard or site supervisor scans his/her NFC tag with ginstr app installed on an Android device
  • When the employee leaves, the guard needs to re-scan the NFC tag and… that´s all!

During the whole process, you are able to monitor all your construction sites using ginstr web. This app is a complete solution to identify and locate evacuees during disasters which helps to save company’s resources – human, physical and financial. Execute an emergency management plan to evacuate all the workers from a construction site by viewing a list of workers being inside the construction site at any given point of time.

Such a powerful solution is surely expensive? Not really!

The app is free and monthly fees are paid based on the number of users and assets.

*This app is offered to you at no cost; however, in order to use the app you must purchase a ginstr subscription.

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