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This elderly caretaker to-do list enables caretakers and nurses to work more efficiently and to manage the patients and residents while no longer having to use paper forms.

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This elderly caretaker to-do list enables caretakers and nurses to work more efficiently and to manage the patients and residents while no longer having to use paper forms.
Each resident’s room in an elderly care home is equipped with an inexpensive NFC tag that serves in logging each time the caretaker performs a check-up on a resident.
This helps in ensuring that the residents of your facility are being properly taken care of and checked up on time.

Each checkup will require the caregiver to mark down what tasks they performed during the residents checkup, e.g. administrating medication, shower administration, overnight check’s, basic first aid administration, etc.

After the nurse or caretaker has recorded the data within the app, immediately after scanning the residents NFC tag a second time, the data will be transmitted to ginstr web in real-time.
The data can then be analysed to see if any caretakers or nurses missed any scheduled check-up’s with any of the residents.

This ginstr app replaces the need for nurses and caretakers to carry around paper forms to keep track of their scheduled visits and services rendered to patients and or long-term residents. Eliminating the paperwork and automating data entry with this app will also save the time and headache of having to manually re-enter all the data recorded by the nurses or caretakers a second time into accounting or workforce management software.

This app continuously replicates all user data, and is stored in the ginstr cloud. The data can then be analysed, processed, sorted, filtered, exported and shared with other departments, such as accounting or dispatching, in ginstr web – the web based platform for use with all ginstr apps.


  • setup of residents (via an office PC)
  • setup of caretakers or nurses (via an office PC)
  • setup of external employees performing other tasks at the elderly care centers
  • add and setup resident NFC tags quickly and efficiently from inside the app

All above-mentioned data can also be uploaded into the ginstr web platform via CSV import.


  • monitor employee performance in real-time with NFC checkpoints in each of the residents rooms
  • get rid of your paper forms and all associated costs with them (storage of paper forms, manual data entry etc.)
  • no more tedious and error prone transferring of the data from paper to digital form necessary
  • the data is available in real-time, all that is required is an internet connection and suitable browser
  • have your employees collect valuable data while performing checkups on the residents
  • services rendered invoices can be prepared immediately after the caregivers make a check-in
  • data can be exported to a .CSV file type and then imported into 3rd party programs for further analysation or record keeping (e.g. accounting software)


  • residents’ first and last name
  • residents room number and building code
  • emergency contact persons (name and contact telephone number)
  • additional medical comments if any (allergies or medical complications listed out)


  • drop down box in ginstr web is fully configurable, so you can add or remove services on your own
  • select one or more services being performed to collect valuable data on each resident


  • employee first name and last name
  • employee user ID

Caregiver reports

  • employee first and last name who performed a check-up on a resident
  • check-in/check-out date and time, time spent performing the check-in (calculated in the backend)
  • services rendered ( list of services performed by the caregiver/nurse during the check-up)
  • residents NFC tag UID
  • residents first and last name
  • residents room number and building code
  • DNR (yes or no)
  • caretaker check-up comments

*This app is offered to you at no cost; however, in order to use the app you must purchase a ginstr subscription.

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