Construction Equipment Hire

Enhance your construction equipment rental process

Enhance your construction equipment rental process

This ginstr app is ideal for managers in the construction, equipment rental and facility management industry who are responsible for construction equipment hire processes, helping them document the renting of goods, its availability and condition.

Does your company rent out construction tools and machinery, and is keen to find an efficient, cost-saving method to manage its equipment checkout and return process?

ginstr provides you with a practical solution: the Construction Equipment Hire app!

This digital equipment rental system helps you to monitor each step of the equipment rent out and return process more efficiently by switching to a real-time and paperless solution.


The Construction Equipment Hire solution, the best way to improve visibility of rental time and cut processing costs:

  • Improve the accountability of your equipment rental management system and keep track of current users.
  • Increase your turnover by optimising your fleet, gain access to the overview of your equipment or assets availability and ensure they are rented.
  • Boost your liquidity by knowing which equipment is inadequately used.
  • Reduce labour costs by having total control of your equipment’s status at any time.
  • Reinforce your brand image and strengthen your reputation by avoiding human errors and using the latest technology.

ginstr equipment rental solution, the best way to organise your hiring process:

  • Record date and time of each step during the rental and return process.
  • Include electronic signatures and photos as evidence of the equipment condition during the rent out and return stages.
  • Fill out the digital form related to the equipment’s status, whether it is defected or needs to be refuelled, in order to control the maintenance process.
  • Access the data on ginstr web, our respective online equipment management software, for further processing and reporting.

No more time wasted on filling out paper forms, get started in a few seconds:

Rent out stage: your customer hires one of your construction machines. The only thing you need to do is to fill out all the required information.

So grab your phone and enter the following details:

  • customer’s name.
  • machine number.
  • additional machine information (number of operating hours, details about damages).

Then take pictures of your equipment and make your customer sign.

Return stage:
After your customer has used the machine, now is the time to return it back:

Re-do the same fast filling out process and that’s it!

The solution to your challenge is just a click away!

This ginstr app is free and monthly fees are paid based on the number of users and assets.

Keep in mind that this solution can be customised to seamlessly fit your needs with minimal investment. Contact us and start building your tailor-made business app.

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