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This app allows hotel operators to continuously inspect the condition of common areas and document these inspections.
The detection of details can be performed onsite using a smartphone or tablet. The inspector can confirm the results of the inspection via a signature on a mobile device. This avoids any later contradictory information about the state in which the hotel’s common areas were found.
All employees involved in the care of the hotel’s common areas have access to the collected data at any time.

The following data is collected:

  • general (emptying the waste bin, floors wet/dry cleaned, all surfaces dusted, spot cleaning of glass surfaces in the entrance area, all telephones disinfected, all carpets hoovered, obvious defects reported to the administration)
  • entrance and lobby (carpets hoovered, walls and pictures are okay, all display are okay, window sills are cleaned, all furniture is cleaned, elevator doors are cleaned, stairwells are cleaned, public telephones are cleaned, plants are in good condition, floors are cleaned and mopped, radiators set according to the weather, reception area in good condition, public computers in good condition, common fireplace good condition, vending machines in good condition, picture frames cleaned, stair railings in good condition, window glazing in good condition, area under the furniture was cleaned, elevators orderly inside, stair railings were cleaned, cash machines in good condition, plants are watered, air-conditioning were cleaned from above, wet runners were replaced, lighting is intact, dust in the reception was removed, dust on computers, monitors and printers has been removed, area under the vending machines has been performed, door handles have been cleaned and are in good condition, glass entrance doors have been cleaned)
  • conference rooms and banquet halls (lobby of the ballroom cleaned, doors cleaned, plants in good condition, tables in good condition, decorations in good condition, carpets hoovered, all surfaces cleaned, window sills and windows cleaned, telephones are in good condition, blinds are in good condition)
  • offices (paper waste bins emptied, fax in good condition, waste bins cleaned, chairs in orderly condition, copier in good condition, computers in good condition, windowsills in good condition, door handles in good condition)
  • public sanitation facilities (gloves worn, WC completely cleaned, towel racks filled and cleaned, changing table in good condition, floors cleaned and scrubbed, sinks in good condition, urinals cleaned, paper towel holders in good condition, mirrors cleaned, air-fresheners functional. Surfaces around the WC in good condition, handholds in good condition, doors and locks in good condition, fixtures cleaned, paper towel holders in good condition, washing machine in good condition, paper towel holder filled, toilet paper refilled, floors mopped, WC facilities reviewed)

Each inspection of a hotel’s common space is quickly and easily recorded – no inspection without documentation.
Each inspection report can be accessed at any time via the ginstr web.
The inspector can confirm the accuracy of the inspection report with a signature on a mobile device
This avoids any later disputes about the status of the hotel’s common areas at the time of inspection.

*This app is offered to you at no cost; however, in order to use the app you must purchase a ginstr subscription.

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