Container Hire

Improve your container hire and return process

Improve your container hire and return process

This app allows container hire companies to record all important details of the container hire & return process. Users can capture the customer’s signature.

Do you want to know the availability and condition of your containers in real time?

Container Hire has been made for you!


Make every Container Hire quick and easy:

  • Gain transparency and productivity.
  • Prevent your container from being lost or stolen.
  • Get an overview record of all your containers at a glance.

Features of Container Hire:

  • Record details about the container (volume, number, defect).
  • Collect signatures of customers.
  • Provide GPS location of the rental and return point.
  • Document date & time of every step of the rental process.

The features of Container Hire can be adapted to perfectly fit your needs

Once you have registered for an account, you can use Container Hire or any of our other apps free of charge.

Container hire and return process has never been easier with this app!