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This app allows container hire companies to record all important details of the container hire & return process. Users can capture the customer’s signature.

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This app allows container hire companies to record all important details of the container hire and return process.
Users are able to capture the customer’s signature, immediately confirming the accuracy of their data while streamlining the accounting and management of container hires.


  • record customers
  • record container IDs
  • record the container volume
  • record damages and defects of containers
  • record container rentals
  • record container returns
  • record customer signatures

On top the following information is recorded automatically:

  • serial number of the smartphone used for the booking
  • name of the ginstr app user enering the booking
  • GPS position and address of the booking (if GPS reception is available)
  • dates and times of all data entries


  • every container hire instance is quickly and easily registered – no hire without documentation
  • clear records of which container units were hired to which customer
  • every instance of container hire can be analysed in ginstr web
  • sort data by customer information
  • sort data by container type, volume, and condition
  • sort data by rental and return dates
  • increased efficiency by knowing load weight for container exchange
  • reduction of processing difficulties upon the return of damaged containers
  • quick overview to see which containers are rented
  • use statistics of rental frequency per container for analysis

*This app is offered to you at no cost; however, in order to use the app you must purchase a ginstr subscription.

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