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Container Hire

Improve your container hire and return process

Improve your container hire and return process

This app allows container hire companies to record all important details of the container hire & return process. Users can capture the customer’s signature.

Do you want to know the availability and condition of your containers in real time?

Container Hire has been made for you!


Get full control of your container hire process

  • Record all details of hire and return
  • Know availability and condition in real time
  • Confirm with signatures

Make every container hire easy and fast

  • Record volume, number, defects, etc.
  • Prevent loss and theft
  • Get an overview of all containers at a glance
  • Document date and time of each step
  • GPS location of rental and return point
  • Make the whole process as transparent as possible

Easy to use

       Step one: Collect data

       Step two: Data can be updated and saved automatically in cloud storage

       Step three: Access and manage the data in ginstr web from any location