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This app enables efficient reading of electric meters. The electric meters are tagged with an inexpensive NFC tag that serves to identify the meter later. This avoids the electric meter number from being entered incorrectly.
The meter reading must be entered twice, thus minimizing incorrect entries of current meter readings.

After entering the meter reading, the difference value for the previous period of consumption is displayed automatically. The meter reader can then correct any initial errors with the recorded meter reading directly onsite.

In unusual cases, the meter reading can be photographed. This minimizes any further questions about the reading from the back office team and avoids multiple trips to the same electric meter during the same reading period.

It’s possible to assign groups of meters to selected employees, (i.e. the facility manager of a property complex). This ensures that the responsible person in charge of each property reads their respective meters.

By recording the meter readings directly onsite with a mobile phone, the tedious and error prone transferring of meter readings from paper to digital form is no longer required.

The meter readings stored in the ginstr cloud are very useful as a foundation for further processing (i.e. in accounting or for tenant settlements).

The app also works with barcodes and QR codes. However, we recommend NFC tags as they can be easily read in low light conditions without problems because radio is used to identify the electric meter instead of a camera.


  • setup of properties (via an office PC)
  • setup of employees (via an office PC)
  • setup of meters including assignment of a unique NFC tag number (via an office PC while setting up the system for a property)
  • reading the electric meter (done with a smartphone based on the previously created master data)


  • accurate meter identification by NFC tag, barcode or QR code
  • immediate plausibility check during data detection onsite
  • no more tedious and error prone transferring of the data from paper to digital form necessary
  • the data is available in real-time
  • no reading records can be lost on the way to work
  • usage-dependent invoices can be prepared immediately after the reading
  • the electric meter can be photographed in unusual cases or during any reading event

The following data is collected:


  • property name
  • registers all addresses automatically from the GPS coordinates when entering data (if GPS reception is available)
  • registers date and time of data entry automatically
  • comments
  • each property can be assigned to one or more meter readers

Meter readers:

  • username for the app
  • first name
  • surname
  • registers dates and time of data entry automatically

Electric meters:

  • NFC tag number/QR code number/barcode number
  • assignment to a property
  • meter number
  • comments (i.e. place of installation in building)
  • registers dates and time of data entry automatically


  • property
  • meter number
  • new meter reading
  • difference value of the meter reading from the previous period
  • photo of the meter
  • records the logins of users
  • registers dates and time of data entry automatically
  • NFC tag number

*This app is offered to you at no cost; however, in order to use the app you must purchase a ginstr subscription.

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