Fuel Management

Fuel consumption supervision of company vehicles

Fuel consumption supervision of company vehicles

This app is ideal for book- and cost-keeping managers in any type of industry who seek to keep track of the fuel refill transactions of the company vehicles and transport fleets.
Does your company own several vehicles on the road? Do you want full documentation of refuelling processes, as well as the money spent on them?
The Fuel Management Android App is the key!

With this solution you can monitor drivers and vehicles at the pump distantly, keeping mileage and fuel expenses under control.
Optimise your fuelling operations to improve accuracy: know exactly where and when the transaction took place and decrease theft during the process.


The Fuel Management Android App, the best way to avoid theft and fuel misuse:

  • Avoid fraud and abuse of the company’s money used for fuelling purposes.
  • Prevent fuel theft by detecting abnormal fuel consumption with the accurate data collected by this ginstr app.
  • Reduce employee’s fuelling documentation errors by ensuring whether the data entered is accurate and complete.

ginstr fuel manager, the best travel companion for your employees on the move:

  • Record the vehicle registration plate to identify each of your company vehicles.
  • Indicate the litre quantity and type of fuel loaded for further processing and calculations.
  • Enter the amount paid and the payment method for enhanced control of your company’s fuel cards usage and fuel consumption costs.
  • Fill out the vehicle’s mileage to endorse that all data entered is verified.
  • Collect the employee’s signature to have a proof that the refuelling process was properly completed.
  • Obtain the exact fuel refill locations automatically with GPS coordinates.
  • Get full information at a glance from your office to follow all vehicles’ refuelling events, thanks to our web-based platform, ginstr web.

How to set up this solution?

Simply by installing our app on your Android smartphone! Yes, it’s that easy!

How to use the app?

Let’s take an example:
Mike, your sales person is on the road to meet some clients. At some point he needs to refuel his car, so he just opens our Fuel Management app and simply enters all the requested information ( litre quantity, amount paid,…); it will be instantly sent to the ginstr cloud and it becomes available for further analysis in ginstr web.
The data can then be processed, analysed and shared with the relevant stakeholder or department.

An efficient solution at a price tailored for your needs

The app is free and monthly fees are paid based on the number of users and assets.
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