Gardening Task Manager

Easily create reports for landscaping & gardening tasks

Easily create reports for landscaping & gardening tasks

This ginstr app allows gardeners and landscapers to create quick work reports for every customer, providing a detailed list of completed gardening services.
Time spent on every task is precisely recorded which can be used for improved project planning, time management, and optimal calculation of services for invoicing.

Do you work on landscaping or gardening tasks and would you like to record completed work as soon as it is done?
Look no further: Gardening Task Manager is your tailor-made solution!


Focus on your gardening and landscaping work and the Gardening Task Manager app will take care of the rest!

  • Digitally record proof of all gardening and landscaping jobs per customer.
  • Immediately confirm all completed tasks and the time spent by the worker.
  • Include activity details in customer invoices without delay.

Features of Gardening Task Manager:

  • Record customer information.
  • Record all completed tasks details (E.g. removal of weeds, mowed lawn, spread of fertilizer, hedge trimming, etc.).
  • Record employee working hours and time stamp of tasks performed.
  • Provide GPS location of location for gardening tasks.
  • Captures customer signatures.

The data can then be processed, analysed and shared through our online management software: Create your ginstr account now

The features of Gardening Task Manager can be adapted to perfectly fit your needs!

Once you have registered for an account, you can use this or any of our other apps free of charge.

Forget paper forms for your gardening and landscaping tasks, start using Gardening Task Manager!