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With this ginstr app the refilling of minibars (i.e. in hotels) can be easily documented: with the room number and the number of refilled items per product.

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With this app the refilling of minibars (i.e. in hotels) can be easily documented: After a minibar is refilled, the room number as well as the number of refilled items per product is entered. Along with the signature, the name of the employee and time stamp information is saved and transferred to the server.

Thus when who made which refill and in which hotel room can be seamlessly documented without effort. With help from the stored data, one can avoid trouble with hotel guests and make sure that employees have actually restocked the minibar in each room.

This app continuously replicates all user data with ginstr cloud.
The data can then be analysed, processed, sorted, filtered, exported and shared with other departments, such as accounting or dispatching, in ginstr web – the web based platform for use with all ginstr apps.

The following data is recorded by employees:

  • Room number
  • Number of items white wine
  • Number of items red wine
  • Number of items whisky
  • Number of items beer
  • Number of items Coca Cola
  • Number of items Coca Cola Light
  • Number of items Fanta
  • Number of items Sprite
  • Number of items water
  • Number of items chips
  • Number of items nuts
  • Number of items chocolate
  • Any remarks

Additionally, the following data is automatically saved for each refill instance:

  • Serial number of the smartphone used
  • Automatic address storage based on the GPS coordinates during the entry
  • Procedure (if GPS reception is available)
  • Automatic registration of the date and time of the entry procedure
  • Recording of user logins
  • Electronic employee signature


  • Any time overview of which minibars have been refilled
  • Ongoing list of refilled quantities
  • Determination of consumed / to ordered quantities per item

*This app is offered to you at no cost; however, in order to use the app you must purchase a ginstr subscription.

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