Hotel Minibar

Seamlessly document the restocking and status of hotel room minibars

Seamlessly document the restocking and status of hotel room minibars

With this ginstr app the refilling of minibars (i.e. in hotels) can be easily documented: with the room number and the number of refilled items per product.

Are you a manager in the hotel industry looking for a tool to monitor the refilling of minibar in each hotel room?

ginstr has developed the right solution for your business: our Hotel Minibar app!




Ensure that the restocking of minibars is properly carried out with our Hotel Minibar app!

  • General overview of every minibar’s status at any time.
  • Ongoing list of refilled quantities that allows to determine amount of consumption and identify the items needed to be restocked or reordered.

Features of Hotel Minibar:

The following data is recorded by employees:

  • Record room number for each minibar visit.
  • Register number of predefined items such as: white and red wine, whisky, beer, Coca Cola, Coca Cola Light, Fanta, Sprite, water, chips, nuts, chocolate.
  • Allow employees to add any remarks in case of irregularities.

Additionally, the following data is automatically saved for each refill instance:

  • Serial number of the smartphone used.
  • Automatic address storage based on the GPS coordinates during the entry.
  • Automatic registration of the date and time of the entry procedure.
  • Recording of user logins.
  • Electronic employee signature.

The data can then be processed, analysed and shared through our online management software: Create your ginstr account now!

The features of our Hotel Minibar app can be adapted to perfectly fit your needs!

Once you have registered for an account, you can start using this or any of our other apps free of charge.

ginstr’s Hotel Minibar app is the perfect tool digitise your refilling processes! Download now!