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IT Asset Manager

Never lose track of your IT assets or chain of custody with our app

Have total control of your IT rental processes

This app enables IT equipment rental companies and IT managers to have full control over  their assets’ rental processes and chain of custody at any point in time.

Does your company own a variety of IT tools? Are you looking for an easy-accessible overview to efficiently manage your equipment checkout processes?

Look no further!! ginstr has developed the perfect IT asset management system just to match your needs: IT Asset Manager!

Have a look on how our apps help companies or check the manual

Obtain full control over asset location and chain of custody in a timeless fashion

  • Detailed tracking of asset status, condition and chain of custody
  • Paperless documentation of ownership turnover of IT assets
  • Maintain accountability tracking of assets; in case of deviations

Improve IT Asset Tracking and reduce incurred losses from asset mismanagement

  • Asset tracking in real time.
  • Seamless tracking of ownership transfer, as well as GPS position of a transaction.
  • Utilize NFC/QR Code technology
  • Easy access to ginstr cloud via PC or mobile device.
  • Keep a detailed registry of assets.
  • Reduce cost of damaged or lost assets with real-time paperless tracking

Easy to use

       Step one:   Scan NFC tag to access information

       Step two:   Data can be updated and saved automatically in cloud storage

       Step three: Access and manage the data in ginstr web from any location

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