Office Cleaning Report

Quickly create work reports for cleaning jobs

Quickly create work reports for cleaning jobs

This ginstr app has been designed for commercial cleaning companies who are looking for an easy way to create detailed task reports for every office cleaning job.
The tasks recorded in this app provide cleaning companies the information for invoicing an overview of their workers’ activities.

Do you have cleaning people working on a specific task and would you like to track their work?
Look no further: Office Cleaning Report is the right solution for you!


Focus only on instructing your workers’ cleaning tasks, and the Office Cleaning Report app will take care of the rest!

  • Overview the pending and completed cleaning tasks.
  • React immediately to unexpected irregularities and events.
  • Document all cleaning activities for the client.

Features of Office Cleaning Report

  • Record information of a cleaning company’s customer.
  • Record all completed cleaning tasks.
  • Assign tasks to specified areas (e.g. different office spaces, toilets, conference room, etc.).
  • Provide GPS location where the cleaning task was made.
  • Capture customer signatures.

The data can then be processed, analysed and shared through our online management software:

The features of Office Cleaning Report can be adapted to perfectly meet your needs

Once you have registered for an account, you can use this or any of our other apps free of charge.

Don’t waste time manually documenting your cleaning inspections: let Office Cleaning Report app automate it for you!