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This app allows for quick and thorough recording of pest infestations in flats and residential houses.
A large variety of information can be provided for each room as well as for the garden and property.
Details are collected onsite with the help of a smartphone or tablet. The inspector can confirm the results of the pest infestation inspection with a signature on a mobile device.
This avoids later conflicting information regarding the circumstances of the case. All employees involved in the pest infestation inspection have access to the collected data at all times.

The following data is recorded:

  • name
  • address


  • washing area
  • waste bins
  • under the working surface
  • under kitchen devices
  • pantry
  • on the kitchen counter top
  • kitchen sink and drain
  • drawers
  • cabinets


  • under the sinks
  • in the sink and drain
  • in the storage spaces
  • corners
  • under cabinets
  • shower and bathtub
  • ceiling lights
  • drawers
  • near the toilet

Living room and bedrooms

  • cabinets
  • tables
  • ceiling lights
  • corners
  • under and behind furniture and pillows
  • under carpets
  • under tables
  • drawers
  • WCs

Garden, Playground, Property

  • windows and screens
  • trees and bushes
  • lighting
  • waste bins and recycling containers
  • lawn
  • kerbstone
  • covered areas
  • garden
  • eating areas
  • eaves and walls
  • toys
  • pool or pond

Inspector signature pro room
Automatically collected data

  • automatic registration of the date and time of the inspection
  • register all addresses automatically from GPS coordinates when entering data (if GPS reception is available)
  • serial number of the device used
  • records the logins of users

Each inspection is recorded quickly, easily and thoroughly – no inspection without immediate documentation.
All inspections can be accessed at any time from the ginstr web.
It’s no longer necessary to transfer data later from paper to digital form as all data is immediately recorded electronically.

*This app is offered to you at no cost; however, in order to use the app you must purchase a ginstr subscription.

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