Plagiarism Detection

This app detects plagiarism by comparing NFC tag numbers. Such NFC tags can be sewn into clothing by brand manufacturers, for example.

The idea behind the app is, for example, to check whether the goods for sale at outlets operated by franchises come from the original manufacturer or are counterfeits.


A large number of valid NFC tag IDs can be stored in the system via a secure Internet connection.
Goods that are equipped with these NFC tag IDs will be recognized as genuine goods.
Goods found that were not previously recorded in the database will be recognized as counterfeits and a Plagiarism Report can be recorded.


The following data is recorded in the Plagiarism Report:

  • Business description.
  • NFC tag number.
  • Date and time plagiarism was encountered.
  • Name of the Inspector.
  • Up to 5 photos of the product and business.
  • Electronic signature of the Inspector.
  • Name of the responsible Store Manager.
  • Comments in the Plagiarism Report.
  • Signature of the Store Manager.

Additionally, the following data is stored automatically:

  • Serial number of smartphones used.
  • Registers all addresses automatically from the GPS coordinates when entering data (if GPS reception is available).
  • Registers dates and time of data entry automatically.
  • Records the logins of users.


Plagiarism checks can be easily and efficiently performed with this app and a commercially available NFC-enabled smartphone:
Valid product codes will be recorded in the ginstr cloud in preparation.
The inspectors then input the NFC tags found on the goods locally in stores. These are immediately compared with the database. If the NFC tag is found in the database, then the item is considered authentic.
If the NFC tag is not found, however, then it is likely a counterfeit.
In this case, a Plagiarism Report can be created in seconds and transmitted to the control centre including images, signatures from the Inspector and Store Manager and various other information.
Checks may be carried out quickly and efficiently in large numbers. An immediate removal of counterfeits from the retail space can be carried out. The share of sales for plagiarism decreases while improving margins as well as the number of complaints from the brand manufacturer.