Plant Rental

Easily record the process of renting plants to customers

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Easily record the process of renting plants to customers

This ginstr app has been designed for plant rental companies who are looking for an easy way to record the process of renting plants to customers and care of the plants while they are in the customer’s possession. It also enables you to record all the important details including the return process.
The customer signature feature on the app is available to serve as a means of confirming the accuracy of information given.
Do you rent plants to clients and you would like to accelerate and record all the renting process?
Look no further, Plant Rental app is the right solution you’ve been looking for!


Focus on your plant care, and this rental app will deal with the rest!

  • Complete each rental transaction quickly and easily.
  • Get a complete overview of which plants are :
    available / rented / delivered to which customers.
  • Analyze each transaction on ginstr web.
  • Sort data by lender, type of plant, treatment, rental etc.
  • Order by lending and return date.

Features of Plant Rental:

  • Log plant species and collection.
  • Record rental transactions and returns.
  • Record plant care measures that have been put in place (fertilization, trimming, watering, etc.).
  • Log the condition of the plants and pots.
  • Take multiple images of plants and showing them in a gallery.
  • Automatic storage of address based on the GPS coordinate during the acquisition process (if GPS reception is available).
  • Automatically records the date and time of the acquisition process.
  • Log registered users.
  • Create electronic signatures.

The data can then be processed, analysed and shared through our online management software: Create your ginstr account now


The features of Plant Rental can be adapted to perfectly fit your needs!

Forget paper forms for your plant rental process, start using Plant Rental.