Plumber Service Report

Create automated inspection reports for plumbers efficiently

Create automated inspection report for plumbers efficiently

This ginstr app has been designed for plumbing companies that are looking for a solution to record working hours as well as create automated inspection reports for each customer.
Are you tired of manually recording the task that you have done on every project?
Plumber Service Report is your new project assistant!



Simplify the recording of your plumbing tasks with Plumber Service Report

  • Document the task done.
  • Record date and time of the work accomplished by the plumber.
  • Create invoices effortlessly with all the information collected.
  • Acquire your task plan at a glance.

Features of Plumber Service Report:

  • Document details of your work (customer name, tasks completed, working hours…).
  • Provide GPS location of the place where the task was completed.
  • Record date & time of the work report.
  • Collect signatures of customers.

The features of Plumber Service Report can be adapted to perfectly meet your needs

Use your time efficiently, appoint Plumber Service Seport as your new assistant!