Road Safety Checklist

Road safety audit procedure for construction sites

Road safety audit procedure for construction sites

This app is ideal for road managers in the construction and security field who are keen to ensure that the entire road checklist process has been successfully completed on roadwork zones.

Does your company inspect roads that are under construction in order to detect dangerous conditions and faults that may lead to serious accidents?

ginstr can help your company ensure safety on roads thanks to Road Safety Checklist!

This road safety procedure on construction sites is meant to uncover conditions of potential risks for road users.


Maintain your company’s reliability and competence with Road Safety Checklist:

  • Ensure legal compliance and protect your company by showing proof of completed inspection with timestamps and geo-coordinates.
  • Avoid additional expenses used in compensation and indemnities by preventing accident & damages.
  • Keep track of your employees’ work and confirm that inspection drives are executed on time to quickly detect the problems and get them fixed before escalation.

This solution offers an easy way to record road safety measures fulfilled for different inspection cases:

  • Regular drive: this option is designed for typical inspection routines, with the purpose of detecting and correcting irregularities related to construction site barrier conditions.
  • Storm drive: this option helps to report if a construction site is at risk due to stormy weather, and check for possible damages to the construction site barriers for quick recovery.
  • Construction drive: after establishing a new road construction site, report whether all necessary barricades have been carried out correctly and on time.
  • Accident drive: in this special case, the app offers the ability to instantly register all data about the accident (road milestone, date and time of the accident, name of perpetrator, etc.) for an immediate reaction.

Set up your road safety audit report in just a few steps:

  • Make sure the road inspector is using an NFC capable Android smartphone.
  • Install and assign NFC tags to identify the beginning and ending points of each drive at a specific construction site.
  • You are now ready to start your inspection!

How to use the app

  • First, when you arrive at the checkpoint, scan the respective NFC tag to begin with the inspection.
  • Then, start the inspection along the barricade and check the required boxes to identify which procedures have been carried out (site preparation, equipment alignment, lightning repaired, etc.).
  • Finish by scanning the NFC tag at the final checkpoint.
  • If an accident occurs, select the accident drive option and send in all the details by filling out the boxes.
  • All the registered data will be sent automatically to the respective road manager through our web management platform – ginstr web for further analysis.


An efficient solution at a price tailored for your needs

The app is free and monthly fees are paid based on the number of users.

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