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With help from the app, patrols to inspect the roadworthiness of roadwork sites are recorded.
For this, NFC tags are attached to the barricades at the beginning and end of a road construction site. These are then read on each inspection trip by the inspector. Thus one can quickly and thoroughly check and verify whether the required inspection trips were actually made.


The following activities are differentiated in the app:

Regular inspection trips: Typical inspection trips for detecting and correcting irregularities related to a construction site barrier.

Storm trip: A storm trip is an inspection trip outside of the routine trips, which is made if there is fear that the barriers at a road construction site were affected by a storm.

Administrative trip: An administrative trip is an inspection trip after setting up a construction site barrier. During this trip it is documented whether all necessary barricades have been carried out correctly and on time.
After scanning the NFC tags at the beginning of the construction site, information may be collected about the following work:

  • setting up the construction site
  • aligning the barrier technology
  • repairing the lighting
  • replacing the batteries
  • replacing the barrier technology
  • cleaning the barrier technology
  • other

Completion of the report and sending of the data to the ginstr cloud is done by scanning the NFC tags at the end of the construction site.

Accident trip
An accident trip is made when a traffic accident has occurred at a road construction site, which makes it necessary for someone to come to the site to communicate with the police, the person who reported the accident and the person who is responsible for the accident.
The following data is collected:

  • accident number
  • affected construction projects
  • date and time
  • road kilometres
  • driving direction
  • accident reported by (name)
  • name of perpetrator/police
  • damaged traffic equipment
  • working time in hours
  • accident photos (max. 2 photos)
  • comments from the maintenance driver

Create NFC tag:
This menu item is used to assign the NFC tags at the beginning and end of a construction site respectively or to change the NFC tags assigned in the construction site data.

Additional information:
During all trips the following data is also collected without user intervention:

  • serial numbers of the smartphones used
  • record each login of a user
  • registers dates and time of data entry automatically
  • registers all addresses automatically from the GPS coordinates when entering data (if GPS reception is available) at the beginning and end of an inspection trip
  • clear assignment of the driving inspections into regular inspection trips, storm trips and administrative trips. Accident trips are shown in a separate table.


  • tamper-proof digital recording on completed inspection trips
  • efficient, almost automatic completion of logs with minimal paperwork for the employee
  • proof of completed inspection trips with time stamp and geo-coordinates
  • automatic documentation with a perfect overview of all data in the ginstr web with search, filter and sorting options.
  • driving logs cannot be lost on the way to the office
  • no more tedious and error prone transferring of the data from paper to digital form necessary
  • all data is live and available immediately
  • after an accident all necessary data is available promptly and does not need to be laboriously compiled together

*This app is offered to you at no cost; however, in order to use the app you must purchase a ginstr subscription.

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