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Road Safety Checklist

Make sure the road safety checklist process has been successfully completed

Road safety audit procedure for construction sites

This app is ideal for road managers in the construction and security fields.  It’s a good way to ensure you successfully complete the entire road checklist process on roadwork zones.

In addition, you can detect dangerous conditions and faults that may lead to serious accidents. Does your company inspect roads that are under construction?

ginstr can help your company ensure safety on roads thanks to Road Safety Checklist!

This road safety procedure on construction sites is also a perfect tool to uncover conditions of potential risks for road users.

Have a look on how our apps help companies or check the manual

Get full control of the safety check process

  • Include all road-work zones in one app
  • Check that inspections are consistent
  • Detect dangerous conditions and faults

Improve the accuracy of your road safety data

  • Ensure legal compliance to protect your company
  • Prevent accidents and damages
  • Track employees’ work and confirm inspections
  • Fulfill different inspection cases: regular, storm, construction, accident.
  • Send reports to respective manager automatically
  • Report accidents and deviations immediately

Easy to use

       Step one: Scan NFC tag to access information

       Step two: Data can be updated and saved automatically in cloud storage

       Step three: Access and manage the data in ginstr web from any location

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