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A comprehensive solution using security bags with NFC tags and a complementary smartphone app. Data is collected on site, during transport, and in storage. It includes an administration software for managing all security bag data and alerts in case of delay or loss – all of this can be integrated into the existing IT landscape.

Typical use cases for security bags:

  • confidential and important document transfer
  • transport of high value goods
  • equipment security policy for weapons, illegal narcotics, and other restricted access items
  • transport of urine and blood samples for doping tests
  • chain of custody drug testing
  • forensic evidence collection and storage
  • personal property bags for patients in hospitals or deceased individuals
  • inmate personal property inventory
  • chain of custody for expensive or dangerous pharmaceutical, biological, or chemical products
  • secure data disposal to verify the destruction of hard drives and other storage devices that contain important data (e.g. from banks, power plants)


  • identification of security bag with NFC
  • records creation of new bag
  • records scan in transit
  • records location name with nfc tag and GPS
  • records closing of bag
  • records bag content, courier and comments
  • records security bag serial number
  • records if seal is broken
  • take up to 5 photos displayed in a gallery
  • take audio note
  • take video
  • registers dates and time of data entry automatically
  • records the logins of users


  • error-free and 100% traceable documented tracking for transport of critical objects
  • complete documentation of the contents and storage area as well as the responsible person in each case for the NFC security bag
  • management of additional information for each security bag (e.g. comments, photos, audio notes, videos, electronic signature capture, etc.)
  • evidence of tampering, changing, or tampering with the contents of the security bag are evident and identifiable
  • tamper-proof digital recording of all tasks completed and services are securely saved in ginstr cloud

*This app is offered to you at no cost; however, in order to use the app you must purchase a ginstr subscription.

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