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This app efficiently supports shuttle services and limousine services to record the travel details of passengers from a specific pick up point to the assigned destination address.

This is an essential app to document the time line of activities assigned and information of a travel trip enabled by a shuttle driver by way of recording the arrival/pick up time with other related information which is transmitted to the cloud based software at the back end.

The app is suitable for varied industries required to facilitate a pick up and drop off service for their consumers, workers, employees etc. For example, Hotel & Travel companies, Construction companies, Facility Management companies, Government agencies to pick up and drop delegates/employees to destination places.


  • One of the key feature of this app is to provide the drivers of the shuttles/limousines with precise order details and information to enable pick up and drop of the passengers, employees etc. The drivers then drive to the assigned pick up address and the app auto records the waiting time period of the driver at the pick up point. Depending on the agreement with the passenger this waiting time can then be further documented and invoiced.
  • This app delivers a system to the drivers that delivers a lot more than a generic taxi dispatch software and one of the example of the same is to enable speedy and hassle free options to the driver during pickups from the crowded airports/train stations since the app allows the driver to display the name of the passenger in large and bold letters along with the travel agency’s logo for clear identification.
  • In addition, the app also offers a “call passenger” button to allow the driver to contact the passengers as and when required by simply pressing the call icon on the ginstr app. This feature saves time and additional recording of the contact details of the passengers.
  • At the end of each trip the passengers are able to record their signatures on the driver’s phone and confirming the completion of the drop off at the assigned address. This feature again facilitates to record the execution of the transfers that later helps in solving the disputes or miscommunication between the drivers and the passengers.
  • In case the passenger does not arrive at the pick-up address then the app allows the driver to record the related information including capturing a photograph of the score board for the purpose of authentication, that the driver was at the right place at the right time to enable the pick-up, e.g. situations of flights being cancelled etc.
  • The same can be easily verified to confirm recording the number of passengers per assigned trip per shuttle/limousine for the purpose of billings and quality inspections.
  • This app continuously replicates all user data with the ginstr cloud.
  • The data can then be analysed, processed, sorted, filtered and exported in ginstr web – the web based platform for use with other ginstr apps.


  • An accurate data of the passengers occupancy per shuttle/limousine with recorded drop off time and location
  • Transparent and effective billing of the services rendered to the clients, as the necessary data is readily available and can be processed efficiently after exporting to CSV
  • Manual time sheets becomes superfluous since the driver’s working hours are automatically detected and transferred to the ginstr web

*This app is offered to you at no cost; however, in order to use the app you must purchase a ginstr subscription.

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