Time Recording

Track your employees’ working hours and clocking times

Track your employees’ working hours and clocking times

This ginstr app is ideal for site managers who strive to find out the attendance and time spent of mobile employees at a specific site, in real time.
Are you responsible for several working sites and wish to supervise your employees’ working hours on your phone anytime, anywhere?
ginstr’s Time Recording App is the key!


Time Recording app, the go-to option to oversee your employees’ working hours at any given time:

  • Track your team members’ work duration in different sites.
  • Remotely check which employees are currently present at a specific site.
  • Easily generate information for payroll.

Features of Time Recording app:

  • Assign an NFC card to each employee, which they will use in order to clock-in and out of site.
  • Add new sites and manage them directly from your phone.
  • Record your employees’ absences: document what which site they’re missing from in and the reason for absence.
  • Obtain a complete listing of employees currently working on site.
  • Provide GPS locations of working sites. (Where GPS is available).

The data can then be processed, analysed and shared through our online management software, ginstr web: Create your ginstr account now.

The features of Time Recording app can be adapted to perfectly fit your needs!

Once you have registered for an account, you can use Time Recording app or any of our other apps free of charge.

Eliminate paper timesheets and efficiently record working hours with ginstr’s Time Recording app!