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This app enables companies to quickly and efficiently control the attendance and working hours of mobile employees on a specific site. Not only does it work as a complete attendance management system, but it also allows site managers to oversee numerous sites and see, at any given time, which employees are currently present at a specific site.
The app is intended to be used by the guards at the entrance / exit of a site.

Workers can clock in and out by presenting an NFC company card to any NFC capable mobile device handled by the guard.
The data is synchronised with the ginstr cloud and can be accessed on any mobile phone, tablet or office PC.
This ginstr solution can handle an unlimited number of workers, sites / workplaces and entrances / exits per workplace.


  • choose site / work place location where the device from now on registers the attendance of workers
  • record attendance of workers upon arrival and departure of the site; identification of the workers with NFC company card
  • assign company cards to new workers directly via the app
  • add new sites / work places via the app
  • register all addresses of sites / work places automatically using GPS coordinates while entering the data (in case GPS reception is available)
  • register date and time of each data entry automatically
  • record each login of a user


  • gives a complete listing of workers currently on each site / work place
  • eliminate paper timesheets for the workers as all employee working hours are recorded with the app
  • all data is transferred automatically to the backoffice for further payroll processing

*This app is offered to you at no cost; however, in order to use the app you must purchase a ginstr subscription.

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