Toilet Cleaning Checklist

Log toilet cleaning consistently

Log toilet cleaning consistently

This app has been designed for toilet cleaning companies who are looking for a solution to efficiently check if the toilet cleaning tasks have been done correctly by their employees.
Furthermore, working time per toilet, tasks completed, missing supplies, damages, special circumstances, and other important information is collected and transmitted in real time to the responsible employee.

Does your cleaning company want to efficiently record your employees’ work related to toilet servicing?

Toilet Cleaning Checklist is the right solution you’ve been searching for!


Easily record completed tasks done by mobile workers for toilet service:

  • Transfer immediately each booking and charge from the toilet cleaning staff.
  • Supervisor/customer is always informed about work progress and can detect irregularities in a timely matter.
  • Avoid trouble with customers by using the evaluation of stored data.
  • Ensure that employees have actually implemented the agreed cleaning and service work.
  • Regulate which materials are ordered and what repairs need to be made.
  • Receive feedback about missing supplies and possible damages in toilets.

Features of Toilet Cleaning Checklist:

The following data is recorded by the employee:

  • Employee’s login user name, NFC tag number, first name and last name.
  • Site name, floor or tenancy, toilet number or identifier, workplace NFC tag number.
  • Working time spent in each toilet.
  • Conditions of the toilet: already cleaned?
    Are toilet paper, hand towels, soap already filled?
    Are hard floors, carpets, bins, desks, dust, corners, glass, reception, kitchens already cleaned?
    Are there any visible damages in the toilet?
    Are lights turned off in the toilet?
  • Document all conditions of the toilet with photos, comments, initials or signatures.

The data can then be processed, analysed and shared through our online management software: ginstr web. Create your ginstr account now!


The features of Toilet Cleaning Checklist can be adapted to perfectly fit your needs!

Once you have registered for an account, you can use this or any of our other apps free of charge.

Stop losing time with complicated paper forms for toilet maintenance, start using ginstr’s Toilet Cleaning Checklist app.