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This app quickly and easily creates work reports on window cleaning work that can be used later for billing.

After completing the window cleaning work, an employee can:
a) enter a new customer into the system if they are not already there
b) collect relevant billing data

The following data is collected:

  • customer/client
  • services provided
    • general window cleaning
    • window cleaning including the frame
    • window cleaning from inside
    • window cleaning from outside
    • window cleaning including the window hinge
    • additional work including a detailed description
  • general order notes
  • address at which services were provided
  • invoice amount
  • payment deadline
  • date of services provided
  • customer signature
  • employee signatures

In addition, the following invisible date is stored:

  • serial number of smartphones used
  • name of employee

All services are collected quickly, thoroughly and effortlessly – no services provided without documentation.
Clients and employees can confirm the accuracy of the daily report with a signature on a mobile device. This avoids any later disagreements about the extent of services provided.
The work reports are automatically transferred to the ginstr cloud immediately after collection and can be further processed by office employees moments later for billing.
Invoices can thus be issued faster and lost work reports are a thing of the past. Using the ginstr app ensures that all work reports are carefully and thoroughly filled out to avoid any misunderstandings.
Furthermore, the responsible individuals in the company are kept completely and up to date on the work progress of each object via prompt, real-time data transmission.

*This app is offered to you at no cost; however, in order to use the app you must purchase a ginstr subscription.

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