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Air Conditioner Maintenance

Easily document Air Conditioner maintenance tasks & inspections

Easily document Air Conditioner maintenance tasks & inspections

Our Air Conditioner Maintenance Management app allows workers to quickly and easily create documentation for completed maintenance tasks and inspections. Furthermore, it is suitable for HVAC-related (Heating, ventilating & Air Conditioning) tasks.

Do you work on maintenance tasks and you’d like to get a full report of your inspections?

Look no further, Air Conditioner Maintenance is the right solution for you!

Have a look at how our apps help companies or check the manual

Streamline documentation of air conditioning maintenance

  • Record proof of tasks completed
  • Create audit trails of secure documentation
  • Confirm completion and duration of the inspection

Improve the accuracy of your inspection process

  • Document customer and handyman information, unit name, length of work.
  • Record exact date and time
  • Provide GPS location
  • Capture customer signatures
  • Process, analyse, and share data in ginstr web
  • Heating, ventilating & Air Conditioning tasks

Easy to use

       Step one: Collect data on the performed air conditioner maintenance. 

       Step two: Data can be updated and saved automatically in cloud storage

       Step three: Access and manage the data in ginstr web from any location




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