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Caregiver Manager Plus

Supervise caregivers’ scheduled visits and monitor their tasks

Mobile solution to schedule and supervise the tasks of caregivers

This ginstr app is for health facility managers to enhance the efficiency of nurses and caregivers by supervising their tasks in real-time.

Moreover, Caregiver Manager Plus is a web-based solution that you can use across various devices by management.

Are you in charge of several nurses or caregivers?  Are you currently looking for a solution to schedule as well as manage their tasks remotely?

Look no further!! ginstr’s Caregiver Manager Plus is a convenient implement to carry it out!

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Schedule and supervise caregiver tasks

  • Supervise tasks in real time
  • Manage tasks remotely
  • Very little training required for employees

Get better control of your workflow

  • Organise specific tasks per patient
  • Assess costs and margins
  • Each task displayed on phone as icon
  • Update services daily with clients
  • Report and record deviations from assigned tasks in real time
  • Add images, notes, and voice memos.
  • Recalculate work schedules daily without fuss
  • Define tasks individually per caregiver


Easy to use

       Step one: Scan NFC tag to access information

       Step two: Data can be updated and saved automatically in cloud storage

       Step three: Access and manage the data in ginstr web from any location



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