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Equipment Manager

Identify the tools & equipment in each site or department in real time

Equipment rental process: documenting accountability and availability of goods

This app is ideal for warehouse managers who handle equipment hire processes in different industries. It helps them to identify and document the state of a particular equipment and the responsible persons.
Do you rent out tools and equipment and aren’t sure how to manage your equipment checkout process efficiently? ginstr solves this challenge for you with the Equipment Manager!
Moreover,the digital equipment inventory system helps you identify the list of tools and equipments on each site, location or department at given time.
Even more, you can have complete control of your goods from a distance. Identify precisely who rent out your tools and appliances, as well as when and where you rent them out and document their return condition.

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Document accountability and availability of goods

  • Identify lists of tools for each site
  • Record state of equipment and person responsible
  • Develop digital inventory system

Have complete control of your tools even from a distance

  • Know current renters, last locations, and planned return dates
  • Document fuel levels, battery levels, damages
  • Add comments – type of asset, name, weight, colour
  • Process and report on data using ginstr web
  • Include photos and electronic signatures
  • Locate tools using GPS feature
  • Assign a QR code to each piece of equipment
  • Assign an NFC tag to each employee

Easy to use

       Step one: Scan NFC tag to access information

       Step two: Save data automatically to ginstr web

       Step three: Access and manage the data in ginstr web from any location

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