Equipment Manager

Equipment rental process: documenting accountability and availability of goods

Equipment rental process: documenting accountability and availability of goods

This ginstr app is ideal for warehouse managers who handle equipment hire processes in the construction, rental & facility management industries – helping them identify and document the state of a given equipment and the responsible persons.
Do you rent out tools and equipment and aren’t sure how to manage your equipment checkout process efficiently? ginstr solves this challenge for you with the Equipment Manager!
The digital equipment inventory system helps you identify the list of tools & equipment in each site, location or department at any given time.
Have complete control of your goods from a distance: identify precisely by whom, when and where all your machines, tools and appliances are rented and document their return condition.


The Equipment Manager app, your smart solution to cut rental costs and document the state of your rented goods:

  • Enhance the accountability of your equipment management system and know the current renters, last known locations and planned return dates.
  • Increase cash flow by accessing the overview of equipment or goods lying idle and ensure optimal resource planning.
  • Save time spent on locating equipment to avoid delays by procuring ready to use information on available list of assets.
  • Manage cost recovery with an effective cost allocation method by identifying what services are provided at what cost and allocating them to the relevant business units.

Get an overview of the checkout process for each rental and return instance, at a glance:

  • Scan a QR/barcode to identify your equipment.
  • Assign a unique NFC tag to each employee to ensure clear chains of custody during equipment check-ins and outs.
  • Locate your tools using the GPS feature and record date and time at every stage of the rental process.
  • Manage maintenance processes by documenting equipment status (such as fuel levels, battery, damages, due for service etc.).
  • Include electronic signatures and photos as proof of the state of the goods before renting them out and after receiving them.
  • Specify details of your equipment as additional comments (type of asset, given name, weight, colour etc.).
  • Access the data on ginstr web, an online equipment management software, for further processing and reporting.

Get started with the app in 2 steps:

  • First, assign barcodes or QR codes to your equipment.
  • Then, assign NFC tags to your employees.
  • Start using it!

Want to know more about NFC technology ?

Optimise your rental processes with our user friendly interface

In order to rent an equipment, the employee simply scans a barcode or QR code assigned to the equipment and taps his NFC card to document his responsibility for the equipment.
Before the rental process is completed, the responsible employee marks his comments such as serviceable, dented or scuffed and documents the current condition of the equipment with pictures.
Once the rented equipment is due for return, the employee scans its barcode or QR code, specifies if any new damages occurred & other relevant information regarding battery and fuel levels for example.
During the entire rental process, the overseeing manager accesses the equipment-related information through ginstr web in real time.
This rental data can then be processed, analysed and shared through this online equipment management software.

The solution to your challenge is just a click away!

Download Equipment Manager App now.

The app is free and monthly fees are paid based on the number of users and assets.