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This ginstr app allows to record the results of each regular check of the compliance with all hygiene relevant regulations related to food preparation.

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This ginstr app allows to record the results of each regular check of the compliance with all hygiene relevant regulations related to food preparation.

Thus it can be ensured that

  • the employees adhere to all hygiene relevant regulations related to food preparation.
  • the regular checks by own personnel are carried out regularly in reality

On top of that the recorded data allows providing documentation to the responsible authorities which proofs that the company continuously follows all hygiene relevant regulations and checks the compliance with it.

All employees responsible for the compliance with all hygiene relevant regulations related to food preparation have immediate access to all reports which allows them to be aware of the current level of regulations adherence.
Eventual problems can be reported in detail including proposed corrective actions to fix them. This allows initiating measures for fixing the problems immediately including later checks of the results of such measures.


A) Recording of the following header information:

  • Name of the observer
  • Date and time of the check

B) Recording of the check results:
For each of the following check sections a multitude of details is recorded including check result and recommended corrective action.

  • Personal dress and hygiene
  • Food storage and dry storage
  • Large equipment
  • Refrigerator, freezer and milk cooler
  • Food handling
  • Utensils and equipment
  • Hot holding
  • Cleaning and sanitizing
  • Garbage storage and disposal
  • Pest control


  • Each check can be recorded fast and seamless – no checks without documentation
  • Each check will be carried out completely thanks to the comprehensive questionnaire of this app
  • ginstr web, the office software integrated with this app, allows looking up the details of each check at any time. The data is available immediately after a check has been completed for all related employees.

*This app is offered to you at no cost; however, in order to use the app you must purchase a ginstr subscription.

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