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Labour Time Per Location

Track working hours of employees at job locations

Track your employees’ working hours and location

This ginstr app is ideal for managers who are looking for a solution to find out where each employee is clocking in and out, including photos, in real time.
Do you want to know how many hours your employees worked on all working sites?

ginstr has the finest solution for you: Labour Time per Location.

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Get the full picture of employee activities

  • Track working hours and locations
  • Get information in real time
  • Record how much time was spent where

Improve the accuracy of your data on mobile worker location

  • Track working time per employee
  • Locate worker remotely in real time
  • Monitor labour costs and project investment
  • Assign an NFC tag to each working site
  • Record clock-in and clock-out times
  • Get exact GPS locations

Easy to use

       Step one: Collect data

       Step two: Data can be updated and saved automatically in cloud storage

       Step three: Access and manage the data in ginstr web from any location

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