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This app allows monitoring of vehicles entering or leaving parking facilities thru parking space managers.

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This app allows monitoring of vehicles entering or leaving parking facilities thru parking space managers.
For identifying an authorized parking space user NFC based customer id cards are used.
For each tenant any number of assigned fix or variable parking spaces can be defined.
Each time a driver enters the parking facility his customer id card is scanned which allows the parking space manager to see immediately if any free space rented by the related tenant is currently available for parking this car.

With the help of this app each tenant can see at any time current situation regarding used and unused parking bays.

On top of that, also each tenant can reserve some parking bays for his guests.
The parking space managers with a smartphone or tablet record all data.

All recorded data is replicated almost in real time to the ginstr cloud, which allows that all authorized users can see current situation on any smartphone, tablet or office PC without installing any special software on these devices.


  • Reading of NFC customer ID cards
  • Real time report with all available parking bays
  • Real time report with all occupied parking bays
  • Reservation of parking bays for guests
  • The parking space managers can add / edit user / customer / guest master data directly on their phone or tablet
  • Automatic registration of date and time of each booking
  • Automatic registration of the app user who created each booking


  • Real time report about used parking bays
  • ginstr web allows generating a multitude of statistics and reports
  • Sorting/filtering of the data per tenant
  • Sorting/filtering of the data per vehicle type
  • Sorting/filtering of the data by date and time
  • Search for free and for occupied parking bays

*This app is offered to you at no cost; however, in order to use the app you must purchase a ginstr subscription.

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