Smart Parking Manager

Digital solution for managing parking spaces

Digital solution for managing parking spaces

This app allows parking lot managers/owners to monitor the vehicles entering or leaving parking facilities.
Do you own several parking facilities and want to find a tool to administrate the available space?

ginstr has developed the perfect assistant for you: Smart Parking Manager!


Have an overview of your parking facilities’ occupation status at any time:

  • Find a parking space for upcoming cars promptly.
  • Access real time report of occupied/available parking bays.
  • Sort filter data in the ginstr web per tenant, vehicle type, date and time and occupied parking bays.

Features of Smart Parking Manager:

  • Reading of NFC customer ID cards.
  • Real time reports with all available/occupied parking bays.
  • Assign or clear parking spots for guests.
  • Add or edit customer master data directly from phone or tablet.
  • Automatic registration of date, time, and app user who created each booking.

The data can then be processed, analysed and shared through our online management software: ginstr web. Create your ginstr account now!

Take note that the features of Smart Parking Manager can be modified to suit your needs.

Once you have registered for an account, you can use this or any of our other apps free of charge.

Manage the distribution of available parking spaces with ginstr’s Smart Parking Manager!