Digitalisierung von Prozessen in medizinischen Laboren

The smart laboratory:

the digitalisation of processes in medical laboratories
Professional solutions for diverse tasks in medical laboratories, consisting of
  • Efficient office software
  • Easy-to-use smartphone apps
  • A safe cloud and
  • Reliable electronics
are the ingredients for successfully reducing costs by digitalising processes in medical laboratories that are not yet organised efficiently.

Benefit now from:
  • More reliable transporting of samples
  • Maintaining an uninterrupted cold chain for samples with sensitive parameters
  • Less damage due to your refrigerators and incubators breaking down
  • More satisfied doctors and patients, and
  • Cost savings in various areas of your company.

Cost savings and improved quality for laboratory communities

Lower costs for medical courier services due to
  • Cost-optimised scheduling and complete controlling of the field staff
  • Prevention of unnecessary or incorrect journeys using clear, complete and up-to-date task lists for the drivers
  • Minimisation of transport costs by optimising routes, even for additional transport orders at short notice
  • No workload relating to acquiring information as up-to-date information is always provided about the current status of the courier journeys for immediate telephone information when customers call
  • Fewer destroyed samples by monitoring and saving the temperature measurements in the transport containers
No more spoiled samples in refrigerators, freezers and incubators
  • Live monitoring and immediate alerts in the event of an equipment breakdown or unwanted temperature deviations
  • Saving of action plans in the event of temperature deviations
  • Complete documentation of the cold chain from the collection of a sample to its analysis
  • No further workload involving the monitoring and logging of temperatures thanks to automatic recording, saving and evaluation in any time intervals
Digitalise laboratory processes

Always the right solution
for digitalising processes in laboratories

No matter whether it is to schedule courier journeys, support the driver or monitor the temperatures of samples during transport and storage: ginstr has the right solution, specifically tailored to laboratories, for each of your tasks.

And if the right app or office software is not currently available, we will develop it especially for you.

The most common and most popular applications of our laboratory customers:
Ortung der Kurierfahrer

Increased efficiency
for medical courier services

A medical courier service specialises in transporting samples and medical products from/to hospitals and doctor’s surgeries.

This transport brings with it a range of challenges, which can be overcome with ease using the ginstr technology:

  • Route optimisation with the travelling salesman algorithm for fewer kilometres, increased efficiency and lower costs per driver
  • Seamless localisation of vehicles for efficient scheduling of transport orders issued at short notice
  • Seamless monitoring and logging of the temperature in sample collection containers including real-time alerting of Quality Assurance and the driver in the event of deviations:
    this prevents samples from becoming unusable due to improper temperatures during transport.
  • Simple assignment of the telematics units in the event of frequent changes of driver/vehicles
Anfahrtsliste für Kurierfahrer

Optimal controlling
of the courier drivers

  • Displaying of the collection addresses and their sequence on a mobile phone
  • Simplification of the handover of samples in special cases (e.g. if the doctor’s surgery is closed)
  • Route log with details of each collection/delivery to a doctor or hospital (e.g. signature of the receptionist, time stamp, number of samples, delay, etc.)
  • Automatic notification of Scheduling in the event of deviations from the route plan and from the schedule; this allows Scheduling to reorganise the transport processes if necessary
  • Logging of the delivery of samples to the laboratory
Temperatur Überwachung

Seamless temperature monitoring
in refrigerators, freezers, incubators

Medical laboratories often have dozens of refrigerators, freezers and incubators for samples.
If the breakdown of one of these appliances can be identified in good time, far-reaching consequences can often be prevented (e.g. destroyed samples).

The challenge in this application has so far been that a lot of laboratory equipment is made from metal. Sensors in the appliances, therefore, had to be connected with a cable, as the measured data from inside the appliances could not be transmitted by radio signals.

A new kind of radio connection has now eliminated this problem:
the very inexpensive radio sensors from ginstr are simply placed inside the refrigerator, freezer or incubator. A receiver on the wall receives the data and forwards it to the Internet.

In larger buildings, several receivers may be required to receive reliably the data from all of the laboratory equipment.


  • State-of-the-art, highly energy-saving radio technology
  • Seamless monitoring of the temperature per laboratory appliance
  • Immediate alerting in the event of deviations from the target temperature
  • Saving of the measured values in any time intervals
  • Long-term saving of the measured data
  • One-time costs of less than 100 euros per laboratory appliance and running costs of less than one euro per appliance.

How the digitalisation of processes works in medical laboratories

Take a step towards Laboratory 4.0 – use one or more of our laboratory solutions to digitalise various processes in your company.

Most of our apps for laboratories use NFC technology to track doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, drivers, vehicles, sample containers, refrigerators, freezers and incubators. In this way, you eliminate the most common source of error – human error – and thus always obtain 100% correct, reliable data.

An overview of all of the functions of our smartphone apps, the ginstr cloud and the ginstr web office software for laboratories can be found here.

Customised laboratory software and apps at a fixed price

During a consultation, we work with you to determine your needs and adapt the functionalities of our laboratory apps and the laboratory software precisely to suit your requirements.

  • Apps and office software are tailored to the processes in your laboratory
  • Individual app design in line with your CI; integration of your company logo
  • Unlimited number of forms, records, tables, etc.
  • Saving of all recorded data and the temperature logs in the ginstr cloud
  • Simple, fast data evaluation with the laboratory office software ginstr web
  • Free support for corporate customers provided by permanent contact persons who are familiar with the laboratory application

Build a customized app tailored to your exact business needs

One time fee of 1490 EUR

Monthly usage fee per user

25 EUR

One-time license fee per

50 EUR
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