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Truck Load Management

Manage and monitor industrial waste and material at all stages of your process

Mobile and web-based industrial waste and material platform

Truck Load Management Mobile app is a complete solution to manage and monitor industrial waste. Monitor all stages of your industrial waste management processes: from loading to transportation, to unloading, treatment and disposal.

Furthermore, this app allows you to streamline and simplify all your waste management processes through a centralized system. You can also document easily daily operations and processes on the mobile app. Especially relevant, you can monitor on ginstr web and make available for sharing by generating reports based on collected data. This data includes records related to material type and weight, loading and dumping addresses, and more.

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Streamline your waste management processes

  • Monitor loading and transportation
  • Simplify unloading and treatment
  • Record disposals

Have better control and improve your data accuracy

  •  Assign data to truck using NFC tag
  •  Use drop-down list to manage load types
  • Report on loading and dumping
  • Take photos of any load
  • Record details of subcontractor
  • Record driver details
  •  Easily identify hazardous material
  • Comply easily with legal requirements for certain areas

Easy to use

       Step one: Scan NFC tag to access truck information

       Step two: Data can be updated and saved automatically in cloud storage

       Step three: Access and manage the data in ginstr web from any location

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